Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love day 23

I want.
I need.
I will have.
need a pattern asap.
i will make charlee 10 pairs for church.
maybe even me a pair. not kidding.
how can I fit these in this week?
i will skip out on make dinners each night.
they can fend for themselves.
and charlee will have cute shoes!


~Ali~ said...

I'm thinking I need some of those too!!!! AHHH!!!! Those are a mommy with a shoe fetish dream for her little girl!!! I want my new little girl to have fab shoes on all the time!!!! LOL

Pieces of Us said...

Those are soooo cute! I love them!

Sunshine's Design said...


Heidi Hiller said...

Those are sick!!! In a good way! I'll buy them from you after you make some!!
I think I'm in love with them too! So pretty with the flower!!
Where did you find them??

tiffany said...

Really, really adorable!!

Shelley Hansen said...

What don't you do?? ;)

Simply Lavender said...

What can I say???? AH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, cereal is Ok for dinner when creativity hits!! :)
You can do what I used to do....make a huge pot of spagetti that will last a week and you're good to go!
We can make our own pattern if we have to. I have done that many times in the past!
Can you imagine? Charlee has 30 pairs of shoes?? LOL!! Mike will have to build her a special shoe closet! :) LOVE IT!


Nicole said...

I'm not kidding....I will buy a pair of those from you. PLEASE! This is coming from a girl that doesn't even know how to turn on a sewing machine. Not. even. joking.

Natalie said...

OH MY! Those are the cutest things ever. Do I need to get myself another baby just so I can have some of those - LOL!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...


Betheny & Jacob said...

Those are too stinkin' cute! My sis just made me a pair and they look really easy to do. She put a wool lining in them and everything! I'll have to bring them over so you can see if you can figure it out just by looking at them. She is also making me a pair to match the insane blessing dress that my crazy-talented other sister that lives in MD is making me! :) :) :) :)!