Monday, February 22, 2010

What LOVE day is it?????

My computer got SICK!!!!
huge nasty virus......wiped out everything! shut down my computer.
not a happy camper!
I just got it back and working fine and FAB!
{thanks ryan}
so NOW, im behind.
still haven't put PHOTOSHOP on no pictures. sorry.
But I will share a few LOVES and non LOVESfrom the days gone by.
ah! yup, thats right baby! going to cancun all exclusive trip with 7 other couples in our fantastic ward. not till October.....BUT STILL!!!!!
Charlee strips down naked everywhere.
dr. Office.
walmart shopping cart. try telling her NO!
scheduled surgery for Autumn to get her yucky toncils out....
My birthday is thursday. Im 33 and LOVE IT.
I get to do 2 sessions with newborns this week.
had a wonderful sleepover at my moms over the weekend and we made CRAFTS
{picture soon}
i love the sun.
I have a MAID coming on WED to clean my whole house for 6 hours.
her name is betty. :)
she will bring another person with that means really.....its 12 hours of cleaning!!
baseboards will be lickable! AH!
{happy birthday to me from all my fab friends in my ward, luv you}
im getting really SICK of teenage crap.
im not talking about my daughters.
im taking about MEAN teenagers. the ones who seek drama, attention.
boys are disrepectful to girls
girls are disrespectful to themselves
its sad.
Im scared.
I am about ready to put the smack down on some of these kids!
and some of THESE PARENTS.....holy crap.
Well Ok...i will tell you one thing {out of 50} that happened.
A mother.
wants to be popular with her daughters friends.
had a party
that involved CONDOMS AND BANANA'S....
IM NOT KIDDING! {along with other things}
I, for one did not let Abbie go to this party and im so glad I did!
many upset parents and the police are involved.
will us parents survive these times raising our children?
Armor of god is needed now, more then EVER!!!


Rileigh said...

yeah... that's gross. DOn't you live in Utah? You are awesome.

Nicole said...

Have you heard Jenny Phillip's song "Strong and Coourageous" It is SO good and your post reminded me of it. Its on her 2010 Songs for it for your daughters. So good! They absolutely need the armour of God in these times. Good for you for listening to your instincts and not letting her go to that party!

Brad and Jamie said...

Hi Annie! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! I'm a little shy on acknowledging my blog-stalkingness (I think I made a new word:)) so I've never commented on your blog. I found your blog several months ago and I L-O-V-E reading about you, your adorable family, your photography (which is amazing btw), and how you can laugh and make fun of life's moments, good or bad! Thanks for saying hi!

tiffany said...

YAY for an update! Finally...gosh! JK :) Jamie, I too, (like many other people) love reading about her antics. are very entertaing! Glad you and your computer are back! Can't wait to see photos as well! Happy for your vacation, maid, b-day, etc. Charlee is too funny....wonder where she gets it from???? Way shocked about that party you mentioned!!!! It is just plain scary being a parent of teens!

Alisha said...

WOW.. DOUBLE WOWZERS!! hats all I have to say

Megan said...

So excited for you to shoot my little newborn. Eeeeee! Um, what in the world is the matter with some parents????? I will come with you when you go around to give them a good slapping! Geez. Oh, and so neat you are going to Cancun. Sounds wonderful And warm. And sunny. Did I say "warm" already?? Is it summer yet???

andrea said...

I just found your blog: debated leaving a comment but lets face it YOUR fabulous! I love creating things myself its an outlet for me! i have 2 sick kids and by sick i mean deathly ill~ Heart problems! i feel like we live at primary children s!
Hey if you figure out how to make those shoes Let us know!
I live in Kaysville in a bubble! Sheltered life~
Crazy life! we have a family blog my husband does it! lol
anyway thanks for
cheering my day up!