Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love day 9

Yesterday was kinda a onery day!
not sure why....
But I took alot of pictures through out the day.....of certine things that caught my eye.

This is a typical AFTER school scene.
Autumn on Facebook, wishing her mother would let her chat with boys.
Max hovering at her feet.
Charlee getting into something she shouldn't.
Nothing fixes tears better then.
Charlee's new words.
{gosh they are coming on quick}
beep beep { when she wants you to move}
wuv-u mommy
wuv-u daddy
wuv-u jackie
wuv-u beebee
wuv-u aum
wuv-u Abbie

I love this picture.
Time stood steal for a moment while I grabbed my camera, good thing it was right next to me.
I was actually on the computer.
And Jackson was leading her around the house being silly.
they stopped and was looking at the UPS man.
that was actually dropping off pictures to my house.
Look at charlee looking at her big brother.
He will protect her though life.
I know he will.
he tells me. :)
This is a typical MORNING.
of pitter patter's down stairs.....
Mornings are so QUITE.
no one here but this little lady and me.
Soooo----I hear every single movement she makes.
Stop and try to listen to this picture.
can you hear her pulling this Phone down the entry way?
making that click click RING ring sound.....
Ya know-----I took this before they left for school.
and I didn't realize how BIG they are until I edited this picture.
I know, sounds weird.
but things are different in pictures then in everyday life.
it STANDS STILL for you long enough to really LOOK at them.
they both have gotten asked to be someones "Valentine" this year.
Im excited for them, but secretly sad.
Abbie has a Valentines dance on thursday and will be going to buy her a new dress.
Autumn got a "cute might I add" necklace from a boy who REALLY likes her.
Hummm......How can I hide them till they graduate highschool?


~Ali~ said...

Oh no...Annie....you are in TROUBLE!! lol but you knew that was coming with how gorgeous those girls are! And I know that Jacksie will protect that little girl from everything he can...he's just like his daddy! Good kids! Love them all!

Shelley Hansen said...

An all girls school! lol!!
I Home school.. I love it!

Liseylew said...

I LOVE this post!!! Your pictures and commentary just pull my heart strings! I those kiddos so much! and the fact that autumn obeys your "chatting with boys" policy, speaks volumes of the wonderful mommy you are to have such wonderful girls!