Sunday, July 25, 2010


Ever woke up and thought before getting out of bed.
"I don't want to do today"
"I will do tomorrow, but I don't want to do today"
well, I don't!
But I have to!
Ever thought to yourself.
How do I fix this?
Im talking in general.........situations, feelings, broken hearts?
does time really heal?
or is that just a mith.
Ever Thought to youself, how do you carry On?
I need ever so badly that sign that I have wanted for so long.
"Keep calm carry on" {In orange please}
Everything In my life has revolved around that thought.
It has carried me over mountains for sure.
Im gunna have to do today.
Im gunna have to do tomorrow.
Somehow I did yesterday.....right?
These are my polka dot toes.
I would Like to be a polka-dot in my next life.
and if you MUST know......nosey. :) My tattoo means "Mother".


Liseylew said...

:( love you bannanie

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

If I climbed the mountains you did yesterday, there is no way I could even walk today. So...if you can walk today, you can do anything Annie!

Look how strong your getting!

Kari and Parker said...

I felt the same way this morning.. I just want to be in bed all day just so I dont have to talk to people!!... thanks for the nice comment on my blog.. it is fun reading your blog.. you are amazin!