Sunday, July 18, 2010


Autumn went for a bike ride today and came back with a picture on her phone of this stop sign.
It's just a stop sign up the street.
Someone added "in the name of love"
Cute eh?
She loved it so much and made it her screen saver.
The more I thought about it durring the day.....
I wanted to have the picture myself....
So I went up and took a picture of it!
If anyone needs to STOP.
Its me!
I just need to slow DOWN!
and realize those who i have in my grasp...
and what better way, then for someone you love.
kinda gay?
your is.
but true!
what does Stop in the name of LOVE mean to you?
think about it....
I asked Autumn what it meant:
she says,
"Stop because I love you"
I asked Mike what it ment to him:
He said,
"Stop leaving the toliet lid up! In the name of LOVE"
And everything thats holy. Stop!"
I asked Jackson:
he said,
"Stop farting on me its gross"
Abbie's Answer:
she said,
"Stop because im cool"
Ive been Onery today...
Maybe cuz its A gazillion degree's outside?
or maybe cuz i have the right to have onery days.
don't we all?
Charlee is so sweet.
so loving
so mean
so naughty
so mischeivious
so curious
so beautiful
so stubborn
so smart
so bratty
so huggable
Will she survive?
The last three days constisted of:
Cleaning up 20 dishwasher packets cut open and smeared on my kitchen floor.
90 million stickers stuck to her hair, walls and floors.
bandaids covered her whole leg.
Peanut Butter smeared all over her legs and arms and couch.
Ate all my gum in my purse and camera bag.
won't brush her teeth
won't wear a diaper
won't wear what I pick out.
only wants chocolate milk
wants the whole bag of crayons not just a handful
{i don't trust her with the whole}
Maybe its not if she will survive......
Its if i WILL!?

She does love jackson.

and wants to wear his clothes. Everyday!

"Jaxthon, play with chawee?"

Is what I hear everyday! Soooo sweet!

I love that they love each other....


Happy Sunday!


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Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Your friend still visiting???

I think that Charlee is an extremely creative artist...she just shows it really well in her age group...think?

Liseylew said...

love love love...xo xo xo... she is so naghty and sweet at the same time!! ha haha