Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Mom,

Thank you for having a craft day.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for being my friend.
Thank you for letting the kids run wet and wild through your house while we sat and talked.
Can't wait for our next craft day...hopefully with all 5 sisters!!
We had a craft day yesterday at my moms.....
so fun!
isn't my mom so cute!!
the only ones that could make it was my sister Amie and I.
We giggled and talked.
Below is a fabric necklace I have been wanting to make FOREVER.
so Me and My mom attemped it.....
If anyone can figure out stuff....its my mom!
NOT the finished product.............
still working on it.
so cute tho! AH!
Amie making a skirt!!
Autumn took this picture of charlee......
good work AUTUMN!
And by the way.....
we have a Dr. In the house!
{uggg.....wanna know how much neosporin there was everywhere?} Im out of bandaids... :)
Then we ended our day with this.


Simply Lavender said...

It was a day of happy memories all the way around...including Miss C tending and mending her babies!
Nice job Autumn with camera duty!

HUGS. much hair came out with the comb? lol

Liseylew said...

oh my H!! love those pics.. Love you guys!! I so need a smile today!! xo xo

Jeri said...

Great day! Your life is a happy one for sure!

One day you will miss the Charlee messes and craziness. One day...not today though.