Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cousins Kamp #13

I loved going through all my 100+ pictures from our Cousins Kamp in Bear Lake...
Brought back feelings.
Memories and important messages to remember!
How important cousins are!
They are each others Cheerleaders through life. These relationships are golden!
I love this man.
My daddy! He is perfect to me.
Taught MANY G'pa lessons at Kamp, about families, marriages and staying FOREVER STRONG.
We took 2 LONG bike rides....... we hauled up 28 bikes if I can remember right..{is that right dad?}
My Crusier kinda got some bumps and brusies....
I kept telling myself ITS just a BIKE!
but still.............
I give it baths with baby wipes.......... so sue me!
More pics to come......
Im taking it day by day, got so many things to do!