Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My things.

Things I did:
Had a neighborhood slip and slide party on HUGE used billboards.
Slept in.
Deleted my FB.
Kissed my kids.
Ran 5 miles today...{note to self: don't run 5 miles when you run 7 miles the day before}
Went Swimming with my family.
Ate Starbursts.
Listened to GREAT music.
Rememberd I have good friends and family.
Remembered I have a wonderful husband.
Scheduled a nail appt.
Hugged My sister.
Visted Vintage Cupcake.
Took Abbie's texts away...{love you abbie} ;)
Bought dog food.
Drank a Dt. Coke with lime and cherry from Iceburg....ohhhh its been forever.
The end.

1 comment:

Jeri said...

Good day! I wish I could be there to get the dirt! ;) I hope you are smiling bigger than ever, I know you and there is nothing that can keep you down. You are amazing!