Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Men are gross....{well some}


Miss this Autumn girl of mine.....:)
Perfect "Sister" picture!
I have had so much fun with some old friends of mine these past few days....
I love my friends, I have always been fortunate to have good friends!
So important to create a safe healthy net around you so if and when you fall, they can catch you and plant you back on your feet again!
I love opportunities I get to return the favor.
Makes the World go round!

"Mom, I am so tired today, But I'm going to show everyone my Awesomeness anyways"
As I dropped him off at school....:)
Love that kid......he is always so happy!

OK------lets talk!
Like my drawing?
I think guys are wired weird!
And I'ts US that gets to try and figure them out.
Sometimes I think it's us woman that are hard to figure out.
Which we ARE!
Most times I don't even understand why we do the things we do. 
Poor us!
But Dating when your 35 is so different.
Guys think since we are  "Adults"
its ok to go immediately to the good stuff.
I think I could write a book after Im done with all of this.

I can catch on pretty quick now.
There is a time and place for things.
For questions!
For Actions!
Some men don't have that concept down, their timing is horriable.
and then its ruined.
Oh the Dumb things we
My dating 101 for today about how some guys are so gross!
The end!

This picture makes me smile everytime I look at it!
She had the giggles!
It made her "body tickley"

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