Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Cache County Booting Company,
You have nothing better to do with your time? I didn't think so!
 Enjoy My $75!
Ps.....Your boots are Ugly! Try Using Pink ones next time...........Pffft!

Poor Thing...
She has been SO scared of "Honey bees" she says.
Especially lately.
and of course she gets stung....:(
Cried herself to sleep!
I think i have kissed it at least 28

Love her Outfits she puts together....she makes me LAUGH!!!
I think I'm gunna start posting what she chooses everyday!
Happy Sunday!
I have so much to say today.....stay tuned for Diarrhea of the brain...

1 comment:

Amie said...

Um.....where did you park? Charlee got stung twice at my house the other day :(