Friday, April 20, 2012

Keep going.......even if its only to the Dentist!!

Thats all I have to say.       Is Ugh....
What a day!
And it's only NOON!
Up super early to be ready for the dentist.
Make sure the place is picked up for Inspections.
We end up walking out the door late. boo!
Didn't type in the right address in my GPS so we went to the wrong place.
Even more late!
Boo, again!
Needless to say,
Other shananigains happened and I ended up in tears.
And didn't end up getting the kids to school.
I hate dumb days!
When you have the little whisper in the back of your mind saying: "You can't do it anymore"
"Its too hard"
"Give up"
Then you have an ever bigger whisper that takes over that says:
"Your strong enough Annie"
"Push Through"
"Don't give up"
Ok!-----you talked me into it, I won't give uuup. 
Totally rolled my eyes!

There are so much other JOYS that fill me!  :)
Like my kids, and the silly things they say.
Or when Picture Line boxes come to my door.
Or bubble baths with yummy soap!
Or new flip flops.
Music that makes you fist pump in the car.
Lip gloss
Getting into bed with fresh clean PINK sheets!
Butterflies in your tummy.
Or when you get a hug from someone who loves you.
LIKE really loves YOU!
When you see your child succeed.
or when they really really pee your pants kind of laugh!
when you see they have something you wanna buy in PINK.
I love having the option to purchase something in pink.
Life should be THAT simple......

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Megan said...

Oh Annie, I am so sorry you had "one of those days". Reminds me of the day I got a flat tire trying to get Sasha to a b-day party....super fun day. I cried in front of the guy that took pity on me and helped me change my tire. Will was at work. Blah. Anyway, I am glad you let the kids miss school. Good for you! I probably would have made them go and made our day even worse! Hang in there. We all can find things to be grateful for and I love the list of things YOU are grateful for. It will all work out. Don't give up! :)