Friday, May 1, 2009


This is my neighbors LAWN..........serious. front yard even!
Im almost tempted to go mow it myself....before I crawl outta my skin
Soooooooooo I decided to take advange of it and make it pretty :) lol

We got tickets last week and went to the motorcross races in SL!!

It was so much FUN!!! Cold, but fun!!!

Abbie and Autumn are anxious to get their bike out and go for a ride soon!!

.And Abbie has decided she wants to marry a MOTORcross boy....LOL!

Ohhhh help me! !!! She is so boy crazy!

we scoped out boys all NIGHT!...I was tired!


I have been having the ITCH to sew lately....I bought this pillowcase dress on ETSY to try and attempt to make one :)
Here is my attempt........{patting myself on my back}


Charlee's Morning snack:

Half an Apple

4 cookies

a roll


froot loops

and some of Jackson's toast.

.Then she got tired and is now down for a nap...........:)

Charlee's FIRST popsicle!
Autumn was mowing the back SOON it got full of grass and dirt. She ate it all anyways

Her and her green feet got put in the tub shortly after!

I think I have mentioned POOR charlee before.......
.But. Poor Charlee........
She has a nylon over her head. We were at the mall trying on shoes and Autumn fond the bin or FREE half cut nylons .....its now Charlee's hat.


Lets see what else is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**GIRLS got dumb hampsters....:)
{i need to change the rule that they can spend their allowence on anything}
** I have lost 8 1/2 pounds {do I hear clapping?} :)
**Im enjoying yoga
** Girls have there HUGE Jungle book play tonight
** My sisters And I went and rampaged my mom's store....Our cars were full to the rim
it was like CHRISTMAS!!
{thanks mom}
**Mike works to much
** Im growing my hair out
**Charlee hits you when you don't pay attention


Our House is still forsale :)
We have had many conversations about this subject.......and feel we should keep on keeping on.......

so here it is!!!
Maybe IF the bachelors next door
{see to the left}
Would MOW.....maybe it would sell?


Heidi said...

I sure hope someone buys your house!! It looks like a cute one! Charlee is soo stinkin' cute!

Megan said...

Ok, I am loving the pillowcase dresses!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!!! They are so stinkin' darling! Good job!

Way to go at losing weight!!!! Yes, I was clapping when I read that part! Wahoo!

Your posts always make me smile....

Anonymous said...

fun post!!! that pillowcase dress is adorable. i've been wanting to make one but thing Tayah needs to be a little bit bigger. lol

Shelley Hansen said...

Love the dress.. You and your family of talents!

Shelley Hansen said...

Oh by the way.. Charlee is so dang cute. My Josiah is turning one this Tuesday!~

Jeri said...

Cute post! I love the long grass picture. I think Charlee is just as mad as you are!

The dress is super cute! I love the one you made, and your photography gets better and better every time you post! =)

Tell Autumn she'd better point those toes harder on her cartwheels! HA!

AND THE SNACK! LOL! Does she really eat apples? Do you peel them for her? She is too cute for words!

Lara said...

Cute house...hope it sales soon.
Cute dress...You're awesome!
Cutest Charlee...Cutest Kids!
Cute always!
Cute post...again!
Not so cute neighbors lawn...hope they mow it soon!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Love the pillowcase dress on Charlee, and her hair is so INHERITED!!! Abby...boy crazy huh, enjoy!!! House...keep trying especially with the 8,000 deal this year. Frustrating I know. I mean its just so hard to keep a house clean with two people let alone children and a mom who loves to do EVERYTHING!