Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diaper, Wipes & Limits!

I had to MAKE one of these......
I dunno about you....but I ALWAYS forget diapers and wipes
I forget to put them in my purse.
So I made this little won't close right unless there is 4 diapers and wipes!
good deal!
Mike will be so proud......He gives me te "EYE" when i forget.....'s can't remember EVERYTHING! :)
This is called Altered Art......{aka, a bunch of crap put together}
my mom does alot of it in her store......i just ADORE IT!
so vintage-y
I am so happy to have started to create again!
I have limited my photography.....:)
I was getting eaten ALIVE......don't get me wrong, I live, sleep, eat, breath it right now.
but I was finding myself discouraged because there was so many things I wanted to do, and try.
So-----I have made goals & Limits
So I can do BOTH!!!
My season is being a mother....and createing for my family.
I will not be satisfied in life inless I can do EVERYTHING! lol

{wow...go figure}
I want to do it all....try it all................but its all in moderation...right?
My husband is a good sport! lol


Amie said...

I love your pile of crap put together!!!!

Simply Lavender said...

it's a very darling pile of crap I must say! :)
Nice to have that little bag ready to go and out the door with you!
Necessity (and BIG eyes) are the mother of invention!! HA!
AND...why may I ask.....don't the dads have to remember the diapers and wipes???HUH????? :)
(just saying...)


Stacy said...

I love your mom. I woman after my heart. Tell Mike to shove them in his wallet. So silly. It is way cute. I can't wait till all I have to take with me are diapers and wipes.

The Meyer Family said...

Balance IS everything isn't it?! I love your photography work and you are soooO creative so I'm glad you're not giving that up! Thank you for stopping by and the jam! It's so yummy! We had some on our rolls tonight with dinner! Fabulous!

Jeri said...

LOVE it Annie! You are amazing.

I hear you on balance. Mom/wife first...I always remind myself. That is why I have to stay up super late to work! =) How many sessions are you going to do a month. (SET A NUMBER and stick to it girl!) I cut WAY back for the summer months. I want to enjoy it with my family.

I usually remember diapers on the go, but frequently RUN OUT OF THEM at home. boo!