Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daughters & Jackson Minutes!

They are so willing and WANTING to take pictures at any time...........
I luv it!
{and they hold still}
Jackson minute!
He was trying on his old Rock man costume{from 2 years ago}
he says.....as he is looking at himself in the mirror
"Mom, does this costume make my bum look big?"
" I can remember wearing this for halloween mom"
I can see it NOW!
{he closes his eyes with his hand out to the side of his head}
We rented red box movies
we could find one of them when it was time to return it
Jackson took it out of the dvd player and couldn't remember where he left it.
he says.
{In a quivery voice}
"Is this the part where you get mad at me mom?"
That killed me...:(
Time to get him ready for pre-school.....
he hates school....
its a good thing its the end of the year... :)


~Ali~ said...

I love the pics...they are gorgeous as usual. I really want to get together one of these days and play camera. lol And I freaking love that kid! He is just the cutest, funniest kid ever!!! MUAH to Jacksie!!!

P.S. Where did little Abbie go??? She looks soooooo grown up in those pics! Watch out momma...you've got a boy magnet on your hands!!! ;o)

Pieces of Us said...

Hahaha I love that Jackson. He cracks me up.

Whoa, you guys better watch out. Those girls are WAY too pretty.

Simply Lavender said...

My...my..my...my..my!!!So...so wonderful! WOW!
Just love them all!! absolutely LUV the outdoor shots! (those models aren't too bad either!) :)

Mr. J??? what can I say?? :)
I hope you are writing all this stuff down....cuz dang!! :)


Shelley Hansen said...

Really love the pictures.. Your girls are beautiful!

Jeri said...

Love the pictures Annie!! Your post processing ROCKS!

Jackson...you are a nut! I love it!

I agree with Ali....Abbie looks so much older in these. It makes me feel so old! =) The girls are simply stunning.