Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring evening!

I just LUV evenings in the spring......
Me and Autumn {and max} played in the tall grass tonight!
Tomorrow is Friday........
whats everyone doing this weekend?
I wanna hear!!!
Mom's ROCK!


jEsSiCa said...

Ha! I love the one of Autumn & Max almost kissing!:) He is such an awesome dog... remember we need to schedule a doggie play date! lol:) Moms do rock, and especially you cute one! I hope to just relax and enjoy being with all of my family{hopefully no cleaning for me!}... I wish the same to you!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I got an early Mothers Day present,my daughter in law came over and we cleaned the house for 3 hours, doesnt get much better than that does it?
My sister Janine took on the challenge to host all of us...probably 45, we always have a great time together.
will need to collapse a bit after working Friday/Sat. before Mothers Day too!
You have a great one and I'm expecting to see pictures!

Megan said...

Great pictures, as always! This is our last weekend before...we....leave...for...Disneyland, so we are just getting some last minute things done, plus playing outside, I am sure! No big plans for Mother's Day! Going on vacation is my present!! EEEEE!

Oh, the dresses you made for Charlee inspired me and I found some to-die-for fabric at Walmart on their clearance table for .50-1.00 a yard! I am making skirts for my girls! I love sewing. Thanks for inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

Megan----you must share!!!!!!!
Its show and tell!

~Ali~ said...

Tonight...not sure yet...tomorrow, we are going to a bbq with Ryan's family (after 2 photoshoots AAHHHHH) and then I have another photoshoot on Sunday and then nothing really planned for that day mom works so I guess we aren't going there. kinda boring! lol Super cute pics of Autumn and Max too Love the one with Max almost kissing her and his tongue sticking out!! LOVEEE!!