Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WHAT I WANT {Need}..........................

My A.D.D is showing!!
I wish we could &*(&^%$$ sell our house...so many things I want to do!!!

Mmmmmm...Look at this white coo coo clock....I WANT! {and need}
its all about determineing wants and needs!

Damask Canvas....eeeeeeeee!

This skirt made from vintage LACE....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Am I dreaming?
im so making that........{its a need too}

Rumba ruffle pants for Charlee.......AH! I can't take it!
{so neeeeed}

I love this little "plethera" of knick knacks going on here....
i will of course make it my own.....but I luv the idea!
that black frame....Oh baby!
I did spend Sunday at my mom's.....we had 101 sewing..... :)
we made another dress for charlee the "correct" way!
i luv my mom....i luv her talents!
And her willingness to share!
Our durango is in the shop today.....A/C probs....blah!
So im home today.....kinda glad. I forces me to do things HERE!
I will share my sewing-beauties when Im done.....
and anything else I find amusing to make :)
Today is a good day :)
{P.S....even if its not? Just tell yourself it is....then you will believe it}


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I emailed your mom before reading your blog annie. You should of heard me. I will tell you your list will never ever end...take it from an expert!
This blog world just opens up the doors to sooooo many things NEEDS & WANTS doesnt it? Makes our lists never go down. never.
Since your talking about WANTS today I just WANT to empty my garage...I hate everything in it right now. And my workroom..and my house and start over. TODAY! Maybe the sunshine will help us?

Megan said...

LOL! I love it. I have a long list, too, I'm afraid. Can't wait to see your sewings......

Simply Lavender said...

Hi my sweet Annie-girl! :)
I luv you too....and I love that you are so willing and eager to learn so many things. You did a great job with Charlee's little dress!
Too cute! I know we'll be seeing many future posts on little sewing darlings! :)
AND.....sometimes creative juices are evil!! :)
*.....if misery is your companion today ~ go find the wildflowers.*
(rebecca sower blog)


Pieces of Us said...

I love {want and NEED} all that stuff too. So cute.
If I wasn't trapped at work Beckam and I would come pick up you Charlee and Jackson and go get some Red Mango..Yum. That is definately a NEED also!

~Ali~ said...

While you are making the damask canvas...you can go ahead and make 2 cause I want one too!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!! SOOOo cute!!! Love Love! While you are home sewing I am home crocheting! lol

Heidi said...

Thos are all so inspiring! I wish I knew how to sew better! The best i've done lately is taking in (i'm making my maternity tents into fitted belly love) stuff and mending rips! :)

Stacy said...

Love the skirt!! We need to go fabric shopping since we are both stupid and can't cut and measure!!!!