Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I {heart} Lace!

And This......................
Make This!!!!!!
That goes with THESE!!!!!!!!!
Which Completes THIS!!!
Mike and I are going out tomorrow night with a bunch of friends. For Mikes Birthday!
Im so EXCITED. First of all cuz we never have time to go out....mike works so much!
AND....I never get to dress up. :)
Cutest shoes ever?? YUP!
I had to make a lace brooch to go with my outfit!
I want to marry LACE!
Charlee loves Dog food......I think thats normal right?
Max doesn't seem to mind!
she eats it between meals. Or maybe Im not feeding her enough?
Anyways I had to capture her daily snack!
Happy 30Th Birthday Shmoopie!
{Yes! I am older}
How did I get so Lucky?
{I mounted this picture and its in our bedroom}
I love you mikey!


Marissa Vargason said...

Gorgeous ANnie!!! you are so talented, you inspire so many, I bet you dont even know ;) Have fun Thursday!!!!!!!

Simply Lavender said...

WAY YUM on the doggie snacks! lol..
Simple Gorgeousness on the getting-dressed-up and- going- out- to- birthday- dinner outfit!!
FUN on the LACE flower!! too cute!
It's so you!!
we lub him too!! :)


Heidi said...

Holy cow crap! You are going to look stunning! I LOVE the shoes... I've been on a red high heel search for months!! I'm so picky!
Tell us about the party!!

Pieces of Us said...

You suck. Plain and simple.
JK. You totally rock and it makes me jealous, that's why I say you suck. It makes me feel better! {haha not really but whatev}

Cutest Brooch. Cutest Shoes. Cutest outfit. E.V.E.R!!! Absolutely LOVE it!

Happy Birthday Mike {ane me!}!
p.s. I didn't know your Schmoopie and I shared the same birthday! Crazy!!

Tausha said...

ps-your play list rocks!
Alos-I love the Nanny Goat! I have never been to her blog before-so glad that I found her! Already got some fun ideas from her!
Thanks babe-you are the best!

Tausha said...

apparently, My fisrt comment that I left you, didn't show up. HOw lame! Stupid Blogger! (always easier to blame it on the system than the user-right?}
I haven't been around in a while cause I thought your blog was private. It was, wasn't it? So, forgive me for my tardiness. I didn't know what I was missing. You look fabulous-do sahre your secret!
Also-your photo skills are the bomb and I really want a lace broach. I really NEED one!!

I have a question-I make VT kits-and I am really having a hard time photoing them so them look good. Could you, would you help me with that? I would make you something-or bake you something or you know-whatever!
I would really love you to share your talents with me. If you wouldn't mind. Seriously-let me know!
Have a fabulous night!!!

Megan said...

I love that you love vintage stuff and lace! It suits you! :) I love that Charlee eats dog food. That is hilarious! I cracked up at your recent post listing all she had eaten in one morning. She is precious. Happy Berfday to Mike. People born in May are just cool.