Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, So pretty!!!!

Ive waited for so long.....Mike got the frames done yesterday...and I painted them and put them together and HUNG them up last night.... :)
the two Prints are 16x20's ..frame is bigger!
The long collage print is cute!
Charlee loves baby's now......pokes at them....hugs them...kisses do little girls KNOW this???
{Don't mind the pile of clothes in the back ground....but, hey! Atleast they are}
Jackson helped mike in the garage making frames.....he drilled the screw holes ALL by himself!
Mike would sing and dance to the music and Jackson would say
"DAD!!! focus!!!"
He is going to be a handsome young man :)
Things that are happening inthe West House Hold!
*Im swamped........busy and a tad
*Going to Cousins Camp in a week
*Going to Girls camp in two weeks
*Getting my hair done today...{still growing it out.....SEE...I CAN DO THIS!}
*Thinking of upgrading my camera soon......ANYONE WANNA BUY MINE????
*Abbie is graduating from the 6th grade on friday.....where did my little Abbie go?
*My Manual class and Photoshop class Im teaching iS on SAT....and the seats are who would have known!
*Ive been killing MANY spiders lately.....ew!
*LOVED MENTORING with Jessica Kettle......I have YET to edit from our session...can't wait tho!
*I have lost 15 pounds.......WHAT?....yes I said 15!!
*Mike just started the SHUTDOWN{remember this} its early this I will have NO hunny for a month.....:(
Can't believe summer is here..............SPRING? where the heck did ya go?
did you even come?


Stacy said...

Love Charlee's pictures and those with Mike and Jackson are so cute!!

Alyssa said...

her room is seriously so cute! Cute of Jackson and Mike. Something about boys and thier dad! :)

How much do you want for your camera! Im having fun taking pics of my kids but I have a crappy camera

Also, we should hang out. Greg is ALWAYS at work. Between the city,maddox and chad I never see him. Jackson and my boys would have a blast!!

wow! Hello novel

jEsSiCa said...

I loved Char's pics! They looked absolutely beautiful! Sorry I didn't have time to chat longer yesterday... I wanted to, so I'm glad you posted the pics in her room cause it is so dang cute! Sad that I have been over a few times lately and never peeked in:) Remember to let me know what day works for you next week and I'll bring Jers over to play with Max, and Hunter... It'll be a party!
You are one busy lady! Please let me know if you need anything. I'd be happy to help in whatever way possible! And don't feel like you can't ask... I'm your VT!!! lol:)

The Meyer Family said...

Annie! Charlie is soooO adorable!

Heidi said...

I need you to be my nursery furniture shopper! Seriously, I love her room! And... the frames are gorgeous! Great job to the hubby dub!