Monday, November 7, 2011


Im behind!

here is 7 thankfuls for a quick catch-up!


1. Bubble baths!!

2.Dt Coke With lime.

3. Unconditional love! Giving and recieving!

4.My 4 favorites! {Abbie, Autumn, Jax & Charlee}

5. Tomorrows. Tomorrows lets us try another day!

6. ALL THINGS PINK and sparkely!

7. .......This song:

{scroll down to the bottom and pause my music to hear}


wyatt_aspen said...

I need you and your strong sense of faith. I need you to pray in a way that the world has not allowed me to do myself. There is a little boy I know that is 13 who is clinging to life and he needs all the prayers he can get. Please include him if you can. His name is Jayden.

Honeybee said...

I got to met your cute friend Natalie S. at The Hive last night. She came up & introduced herself to me & said she found me through your blog. I love making new friends!! I'm also thankful that I got the courage to leave a comment on your blog all the time ago. I told her we for sure need to get together now even if it's just for a DC at Sonic :) Have a great day! :)