Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh the things I love......

I WILL be making these for Miss Charlee!!!

Pretty much the cutest thing i have ever seen.


Anthropology Curtins.......seriously, i am making these!

what a cute shower curtin these could be?

Double LOVE!

Old doors into your closet.......I can't take it!


Now to Find OLD wood...........
{I credit cutest pamela over HERE for this sign}


altho I would of course use lace!



3maams 2guys said...

K, I'm making these with YOU! How darling are these?!

3maams 2guys said...

Are you on pinterest? You need to pin these if you are so I can pin them!

Honeybee said...

Super cute photos- I want to make them all too! I would especially love the doors into my closet too- darling! Have a happy day :)

The Meads said...

oh my great goodness! where did you see these pictures?! I made something like that wood "love" sign and i love theirs! i want to see more!

Pamela said...

I couldn't find your email and you don't have it linked up to your blogger profile .. but wanted to say thanks for responding!

Love your blog too it's adorable

Pamela @