Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful 8......

I have went to change this chalkboard saying 5 or 6 times now......

but every time I do, I can't seem to erase it!

I wrote it a few months ago........WHAT?

I never leave things the same more then a week....lol

So it happened again this morning......

what thought should I put up?....something new, something fresh!!

And-----I couldn't do it!



So......I thought about this saying...

"Love life and Life will love you back"



I few months ago I hated this saying But still put it up cuz I was TRYING!

Trying to love the things around me like I once did...

I was told by a wise bird {hi dad} that if we play the part, then we become the part.

So this was my attempt.




I can say......it sure is easier now then it was!

I see light

and feel light.



Ok---enough blibber blab.


The people that surround ME!

I think we create those who tend to surround us...

BY, what we put OUT!

If I love life...life will love me back

If I am kind, I will then find kind people.

If i am positive and uplift, then I will in return find positive and uplifting people.

We fill others buckets to the rim? We will get ours filled as well!

SEE!.....we create our own TEAM around us.



I got on my email this morning and read many posts that people have posted on my blog and some private just for ME emails...:)

There was ONE that struck me today.

I had to read it twice as the tears streamed down my face.

It was filled with kindness and acknowledgment, encouragement, and sweet tender feelings!



My trials have indeed helped others.

some days I feel weak and as I can't go on another day.

BUT SEE ME? I am still standing....and obviously still going on another day.

Not sure how to be honest.....

but I'm sure it has to do with the people we have created around us. :)

some I do not even know and don't even really know me.....but how lucky and thankful I am for them! I mean...TRULY thankful!

Some people are put in our lives for a long time or a short time....or an extra ittybitty short time...:)

Doesn't matter ONE bit to me.....I think its lovely!



The end!

phew----now I can go shower.......

Happy Thankful Days!

What are you thankful for?


Torri P said...

I think the wise owl ahs passed down his widom! I LOVE your dad and will never forget the many many things he taught us at so many girl's camps! Your words on this blog remind me SOO much of him. He raised you well!!

{J}eannie said...

I am grateful that you are blogging again. :)
You have this contagious energy for life that you share with everyone.
I hope things keep getting better and brighter for you! ;)

Simply Lavender said...

LOVE the post today!! (and yesterday... 7 thankfuls, especially those little darlins' that live at your house...even max! (poor max..good thing he loves miss c!)
OK...I think you are going to have to do more than one thankful a day...cuz you have so many blessings that you're going to run out of days! Just our family alone is 30!!! ha!
Thanks for sharing the sunshine!


Natalie said...

Hey Friend - glad to hear things are turning up - you are a strong lady! Keep it up :)

Honeybee said...

I love that saying {can I steal it?} I need some more positive things to write on our positive post-its that the PTSO puts up on random lockers at the Middle School each month, those kids need all the positive things they can get at that age. I love doing it! Thanks for the message & have a great day :)

Jeri said...

Annie, I've been searching for a gorgeous frame like that. Where? ( I said that with tears in my eyes.) i bet you paid like six bucks too.

Ever since I visited your home I've been searching for a frame to make into a chalk board. One day it will find me. :)