Monday, November 7, 2011

I love the Holidays.....

Super excited to break out the OLD Christmas records to play on this record player...

Reminds me of my dad......

Nothing better.....



What a week.........

Lots going on in the West home.



Abigail- Hates school, loves boys. Lovely.

Autumn- did a couple flash mobs for dance this month...cutest thing ever!

where did she learn to drop it like its hot? ug!

Jackson- what a stud. He wanted "smelly stuff" for the ladies.

So mike Bought him some axe spray.....LOL! I can't stop laughing..:)

Charlee: sweetest thing is the whole world. I have pictures below to prove it!

did you expect anything less?

ME: Holding it together ever so gracefully. Go me!



I like to reward myself with shoes and cardigans...

as you probably noticed? lol



Oh, what I did to deserve these cutest sweaterboots......

well deserved, and I skipped out of the store! :)

I'm so happy I document my life so well threw journal-ing and pictures.....

cuz how would I ever remember moments like these?

Max---poor max.

he looks so good wearing mascara........

This little thing.....How can anyone out do her?
between, lipstick on the walls, carpet and body, cutting her hair so many times i can't count, stamps on my wall, fingernail polish, marker on walls and furniture, picking off the keys on the laptop, drawing her cute little circles inside my durango car door and so many more lovely things...........I have pictures and memories for each one.
Oh, I love her!
Its hard to be 3!

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Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

I'm always so delighted when you blog. It just rings true to me & I love the way you write & express yourself. You just made my night because I got to read YOUR blog!!! Thanks! :)