Monday, June 29, 2009

WANNA be Inspired?????

America's birthday is this week. :)
I love America.
{I made these cupcakes........are you PROUD?????}
I got to take pictures for my sister Kim.
She is so beautiful---inside and out.
She has helped our family including myself SO MUCH.
Through energy work.
She has also taught us some tools to help with everyday struggles.
Abbie and Autumn use them all the time.
She helps with hard desicions.....but makes us aware that prayer is ALWAYS the way to go.
If you need to be inspired.....make goals.......let go of struggles...or need help to LET THOSE happy juices FLOW...
AND be aware of your own gifts...........
call her.....
email her.......
make an Appt.......
Be on your way to be a better you! :)
You will love her.
Energy Work is an extremely effective way to clear limiting beliefs ,and stress in our physical, emotional, and mental fields. Every thing is energy, even our thoughts. When we have negative thoughts or beliefs it can block up our energy flow and cause disharmony and disease. This can cause issues in all dimensions - physical, spiritual and emotional. By using Energy Techniques, we can clear what is not wanted to free ourselves up to experience more joy and attract more health and happiness!
Her blog is HERE!
There you will find contact information.


Enlightenment said...

How nice Annie! Thank You for your kind words!

~Ali~ said...

It's can't help but feel happy and good about yourself when you are around her. I love those pics of her, she is just beautiful! All you girls are!! I sure could use her in my life! lol Anywho..great post!

Keri said...

Beautiful pictures of Kim!!! They are adorable!! :)

Simply Lavender said...

Oh they are just great!!!!
They turned out just so fun!
LUV them all!!! Just gorgeously-ness goin' on!! I can see your light Kim!!! :)
Very nice job Annie.....loved the pics and the wordage!!


PS...the cupcakes were darling! and tasted yummmy! :)