Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today I:
Ate popcicles with the kids on the porch.
Stayed in my Jammies till 2:00
Took a hot bath.......alone. Then NOT alone....{Hi Charlee}
Made Jackson a yummy lunch that he didn't eat.
Visited Mikes parents. Luv them.
Got an amazing POEM by email written by my dad to all his 5 daughters. I cried.
Bought a new purse cleaned out my old {EW} and organized the new.
Autumn called me from her dads. We talked for awhile. miss her. {even tho she is a fiesty one}
Played with my Iphone. I know nothing.....but finally figured out how to check my mail today {sigh}
Watched and listened to "Horton hears a Who" 5 times.
Fed Charlee Toaster struddles...I think they might ber her favorite now.
Gave Mikey poo his fathers Day gift. A "couple massage" for two :)
{he better take}
She looked so cute today....I even did her she looks like an Orphan!
I do luv her. :)
Summer days......luv em!


~Ali~ said...

I LOVE that little darling!! I could squeeze her all day! Sounds like a fun day! It was good to see you guys! I love Mikey hugs!! hee hee

Cindy said...

Love the poetry from your dad and I love the sound of the long bath, however, I have never been able to find me the perfect bathtub so I shower.