Monday, June 8, 2009

Cuzin Kamp-ers!

Leaving, BRIGHT EYED in the morning......for Good OL' Bear Lake.
Mmmmmm........sounds wonderful!
Its our YEARLY Cuzin Kamp.{My parents do this every year for the grand kids...and now its turned into a FAMILY affair}
Be back in the Bloggin World on Sat.
And will report back.....
{Cuz i know you care and stuff}

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Tausha said...

I am jealous! That sounds like such fun. What a fun tradiotion. I must tell my mother to start something like that. The girls would so love it!
your last post made me cry. How true-not bad days-just bad moments. I love it! I cried when I read about all the wonderful people who dropped everything to help. It's moments like this that reminds us how blessed we really are.
I also loved the tears. HOw true-tears help us to remember that we are human and we all hurt and then it passes.
You rock girl! You really made my day a little brighter!
Hope Bear Lake was the bomb and you got really tan and read some great books!