Friday, June 26, 2009


My box came today.......................
I couldn't finish my lunch. The lunch I worked so hard on. Grilled shrimp Salad.{IF you knew me, this is big}
I throw my FORK to the door.
I KNOW that deep reving engine sound of the UPS man to well :)
RIPPED open the BOX-----my heart was pounding.
The tears fell.
beautiful. Just beautiful.
I have never felt this way about my own art before.
It could be not so much the ART...maybe? But maybe more the Subjects I was looking at.
I was so happy to put these up.
Tears streamed my face as I placed these on the shelf {below}
individual pictures are 10x10 mounted on Styrene.
Jackson's is 10x15 mounted on styrene.
This collage is 12x12 mounted on FOAM
This is a 20X20 mounted on foam. {love}
I feel so LUCKY to get to capture my kids. And to display them proudly in my home.
Im teary----------maybe because I miss the girls...{been 7 1/2 days}
or maybe because I have 4 gifts in my life.
Or Maybe........its both.


Keri said...

Annie those are GORGEOUS!!! You should be so proud (and you When we re-do our family pictures I want to mount them on that foam! SWEET!!! :) Good job sista.

~Ali~ said...

Oh for GEEZ!!!! I love em!! I have decided that I need a neat shelf thing like that so that I can put some things of my kids out more too! I just love the pics! We need to shoot!!!!!!

Simply Lavender said...

Can you spell Precious!?
OK......that is just too much gorgeousness all at once!
I'm pretty sure the tears are for both!! art and blessings!
They are amazing Annie-girl.....thanks for sharing with us!
They also look fab on your door shelf!!

PS..gotta luv the ups guy!! :)
PPS..hope you got to finish your salad!