Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bad moments....not bad days!

{Can't blog without a picture}
I should be Editing so I don't get behind. I should be packing for Cusins Kamp in bear lake....leaving tuesday morning.
I should finish cleaning up THE huge water mess we got from todays storm.
I should be finshing laundry so I have clothes to Actually pack.
I can't!
I have had ALOT on my mind.
Alot of frustrating things have happend. But also follow with GOOD things.
I locked my keys in my car yesterday while on a photoshoot.
My clients, so sweet, brought me home.
Good thing I knew them.
This morning Getting ready for church. Fighting kids, screaming baby. Was 1 second from not going at all!
Autumn ran upstairs.....MOM, THERE IS WATER ALL OVER ABBIE'S ROOM!
My heart sunk. Abbie's room was flooding. The rain would not stop. The Window well was filled up half way.
I ran outside..jumped in the window well up over my knees in freezing water, pouring rain...and bailed the water out.
That was my morning every 15-20 minutes.
no one to call. everyone at church.
I sat and bawled. I don't have time for this today!
The word got out. Members were here to help, they moved out Abbie's stuff....cleaned up water and brought in fans. Professional carpet fans even :)
As one man left my house......a friend of mine was getting ready to take me to ogden to get my car.
I looked at the man and said
"I have had two bad days"
He looks at me and then looks at Abbie and says
"you have bad moments, how can you have bad days when you have that face to come home too?"
That has stuck with me ALL day.
He is SO RIGHT!!!
I will never have a bad day again. Just bad moments that will pass.
The good ALWAYS overwieghs the bad. ALWAYS!
I have no control over anyone else. But I do have control over me. And my own personal goals.
I am blessed. I am so thankful.
Thankful for tears. They show me I am still human and that I do have a kind heart.
and that its OK TO CRY!!!
I love being happy. I wouldn't want to be any other way!
and Im glad it comes easy for me :)
oh boy!....Im spilling my guts on this one!
Im just throwin it OUT there..... others get jealous when you have TALENTS
Not talking about just me. Anyone. Everyone.
when you work hard to develop your talent..or talents
why do others get mad....?
Then you feel like you have to HIDE.
I have a sweet friend who said it like this:
We have to be LESS to make the others feel better.
why do we do this?
I know we are human.


Stacy said...

I never thought that being happy might not come easy to someone. Just thought people choose to be big grumps! I will have to be more understanding.

Simply Lavender said...

OH! OH ! OH! what a sweet post!
What good people in your ward!
It really was a day for some *REAL* church work!
So glad you got some help with the water mess. So glad you are all OK. And most definitely....YES! you have sweet beautiful faces to come home to! Blessings, blessings blessings!
Got an email from our friends serving a mission in Guyana. Yes, indeed, we are so blessed!
And LOVE all your beautiful thoughts on your post!
Tears....some days we are just overflowing and they come as a sweet release.
Thanks again for sharing your sunshine our sweet Annie-girl!


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

down the road your sweet friend will think differently when she develops her own talents. You have just found yours early and fit them into everyday life so beautifully. dont hide them. You'll know when its okay and when its not.
You keep on doing what you do 100% and dont let up.
You will find that you need to avoid those who are like that and be around those who are more like you.
I know lots of talented customers and friends who do not share their talents with maybe associates or church friends as they just dont understand them.
so you find those who do, thats why the blogging world is so necessary for the artist.
Artists have alot going on inside them all the time, lots of emotions and stuff that just has to come out.
Sorry for all your troubles that piled on you, we usually dont plan them into our day, but I WONDER sometimes if we should.
I had a few mistakes last week that cost me 200.00 and I could have prevented them both. Talk about some bad moments.
Your not alone annie!

Nicole said...

Don't you dare hide those talents Annie! :) Let them spill out everywhere! lol! I know what you mean though and I think women do it to each other really bad. If we could all just realize that we ALL have talents! Love your posts-they are sunshine!

Cindy said...

"I'm ok, you're ok, let's be ok together." I've been giving this message for 38 years and I've lived in 21 different places. Only a few people in each place really get it. Your one of the lucky ones. Keep it up!

Story of the Crab. Send me your user name and I will invite you to my blog and you can read the story of the Crab.

Pieces of Us said...

What a great post. Thank you. My eyes welled up with big alligator tears when you talked about the people in you ward. How wonderful!

I'll admit...I'm VERY jealous of all your wonderful talents..BUT you INSPIRE me so never stop being the best you can be! I love logging on and seeing all your new creations. It gets my juices flowing. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Keri said...

Love this post Annie girl! Looking forward to spending some AWESOME DAYS at Bear Lake ....and we know we'll all have some bad xo

Jeri said...

Sweet post!

Some people are so talented it bursts out of them like a sprinkler! A big gorgeous sprinkler! Others are more like a garden hose. Either way the grass gets watered, but the hose doesn't see it that way. You are definitely a sprinkler! =) So turn it on HIGH and let the rest of us enjoy running through it!

Sorry for the water analogy....You probably hate WATER right now. I can just imagine you in the window well! I wish I could have been there to help you.