Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its time..................

FOR my Mikey to be HOME.
29 days of work so far. Last day of the shut down....THURSDAY NIGHT....whew!
We need him. We miss him.
With the girls gone....we are looking forward to a fun weekend with just the two little ones and MIKE....yay!
I do take alot of pictures of the older girls.
1. they love it
2. they sit there and don't move
3. they love it.
I decided to take advantage of this time and Spend some picture time with Jackson and Charlee.
this darling little 80 year old chair...........I RAN IT OVER. right after I got done with these pictures.
To worried about getting the kids in the car and my camera......forgot the chair behind the Durango.......UG! my heart sank. I LOVED THAT CHAIR. My mom gave me that chair.
what is it with Photography furniture? they never make it in one peice with me... :(
To do List:
Find another OLD chair. Soon.
Do another session with the kids this week.
buy a wagon for the ZOO on sat.
eat more chicken and lemons.....{personal joke}
Learn how to put Facebook on my Iphone.......anyone? anyone?


Cindy said...

Beautiful pictures and I loved the chair. So sorry! About the facebook - I got made and stoped mine.

Anonymous said...

Cindy----I want into your bloggy----:)
add me girly!!

you got MAD? what happened?

Simply Lavender said...

L.U.V. L.U.V.....the photoshoot!!
Oh my stars and garters! The kids look so so darling!
The one with you and the kids (holding up Charlee) is perfect!
Jackson looks so different with his long hair! :)
Happy that Mike is almost done with the shut down!! HORRAH! HOORAY!! Zippity do dah wonderful day!
OH.......I do have another OLD chair I am going to give you.....(GULP).....it's a small black one with some neat painting on it....it's so cute. Will be darling for pics!
You have to promise me that you will count to 4 before you backup tho....1. is Jackson 2. is Charlee. 3. is the camera ..etc. and 4. is the photo props!! HA!


Anonymous said...


Jeri said...

Lovely Lovely photos! The ones of you and your children made me CRY! Perfect slice of heaven there! The fist picture...JACKSON'S EXPRESSION it so wonderful....a little model there! =)

Sorry about your chair!

Mandi said...

U may have figured it out by now but if not, on the iphone go to the apps store, search Facebook, its a free app, download it and TRA LA! Facebook on your iphone! I just got my iphone 2 weeks ago and i am wondering how i ever lived without it! hahaha

~Ali~ said...

I just love those two little darlings!!! I just wanna squish them!! I love little Charlee's hair in the sun! She looks like an angel! hee hee LUV LUV!!

Heidi said...

I'm so sorry for the chair!! It was a lovely chair! Great pictures!!
Did you take them at the "boardwalk" all the way on S. Main/3200?? That place is so peaceful!!

Jeri said...

Hey, I don't know your joke...but I make a fantastic recipe with chicken and lemons!


Super easy, and so good!