Saturday, October 3, 2009


Abbie is 13!!
She had a couple friends over last night.
We did this:
Glitter toes
watched Twilight
ate pizza and chips and candy
had Umbrella's in our drinks
talked about BOYS! Alot!
took pictures
talked about mean girls
talked about shopping and clothes
{I felt flattered.....they told me to stay and talk, that I was fun}
and I told them................I know! ;)
Abbie has darling friends.
It feels so good to know your daughter is surrounded by goodies not baddies!
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we got ALOT OF honks!!!
On to other things.
My parents got Mike and I this tree to plant in memory of
Mikes dad.
Its our "larry" tree!
We were so EXCITED to plant it.
First of all its our first thing we planted in our yard.
Second, its our forever house so we get to watch it grow!
Theeeeeeen, had to paint punkin's
Bake Zuccinii bread for the neighbors........
HELLO?.............its Fall!
isn't that what we DO in fall?


Alisha said...

I can't believe you have a teenager! I swear we were just that age. SHe is beautiful just like her momma. SO sorry about your father in law. Death is hard to understand sometimes. Love ya

Simply Lavender said...

DARLING post Annie-girl!!
Abbie is darling....her friends are darling. pictures are darling!
Love the signs on the lawn! So great to recognize her birthday that way! Love the HONK!
The pumpkins are just so fun!....just so fun!! just so fun!!! they are so YOU! :)
Thanks for sharing the picture of your *grampa Larry* tree.....hope it grows and grows and grows!
AND........beautiful loaves of zucchini bread! Lucky neighbors!
L.O.V.E. U. A.L.L.


Jeri said...

Wonderful stuff here! Love all the pictures from the party. She and her friends are so cute! I am going to call you when it is time to talk boys with my girls. I am afraid I will only say bad stuff like, "If you see a boy, run the other way." or "If a cute boy says hi to you kick him in the leg." I am not ready for that boy stuff!!!

Love the Larry tree! LOVE IT! What a sweet way to think of him every time you see it.

I think I will move in next door so I can get some zucchini bread. =)

Megan said...

How darling! I love the "Honk" sign! So gonna do that! Beautiful pictures of her and her friends. Seriously! I love your painted pumpkins! Are those the ones Abbie just said on fb got smashed??? Grrrr! That bread looks yummy! You are such a sweet neighbor! I should do something like that.....but alas, I have no energy! Baby girl is sucking the life outta me! Yep, it's a girl and all is well! Only 20 weeks to go, but who's counting!!!!! MEEEEEE!!! P.S. her name is Audrey. I can smell her sweetness already.