Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WALL COLLAGE!...eeee!!

Jeri Tidwell photography took these in JULY!
My very bestest friend from highschool.
She is an amazing photograher in Maryland that came to visit family here in utah...
so we had a QUICK little family session to shoot both of our families!!!
I just got these from my FAVORITE guy. {besides mike}
i love..............................................................

Sizes are:
2 20x20's
I got OTHER ones too that I haven't had time to hang yet...I will post when I do!
We did our OWN standouts...
nothing a little wood and liquid nail won't FIX!
Here are some other pictures I have mounted on Styrene to just SIT around my house.
these are my favorite thing ever....Im addicted!
this large 20x20 is mounted on foam board!
Ready to hear NAUGHTY!?
Well this little one.......
hits you
says "NO" no no no no no no no no!!!
Does she look sweet to you?
she SCREAMED at me for one whole HOUR
ONE HOUR!!!!!!
while I stood in the kitchen and made dinner...
THE where to be they could help!
Dinner was late....
I threw everything I could think of at her...Like she was a DOG!
trying to make her happy.
she just screamed.
Told me NO!
and hung on my leg!
{you should have seen the kitchen floor when I was done}
AND, no one ATE the dang thing.....
AND, my kitchen was a MESS!
"Im not Hungry" is the famous saying at our house!
Plus Mike worked it always seemed like everyone is spread out on those nights...
Kids are annoying!
tonights MENU?
And BTW---I hate tables and chairs!!!


Alyssa said...

:) cute post. I'm with theon the dinner thing when hubby works. We usually have peanut butter or cereal. They won't eat anything I make. Why waste my time.

Can't believe how big Charlee is getting. Cute

Heidi Hiller said...

Oh that is so sad for you with all the work you put into dinner!!

Try Olive Garden to go! A must on nights like that!!

Pieces of Us said...

K are those seriously not the cutest things EVER? I love that and your pictures are AHHH-mazing!

your house is so freaking cute. seriously, when can you help me with mine?

ps we hate tables and chairs at our house too. and i usually have a baby crying at me while i cook dinner and hanging on my leg...seriously what happened to their toys!?! haha

Simply Lavender said...

Sorry but I am having some tummy laughs right now! Did you say that little cherub's name is ANNIE????
Or Charlee??? :) did I get it mixed up???
LUV LUV LUV the new pics!!!

FUN post Annie-girl!!! Keep sweet!


Jeri said...

I heard the funniest thing yesterday. Someone said they thought their two year may have been crossed with a goat, because he is constantly climbing on top of things and eats everything . I laughed so hard! Looks like you could nickname Charlee "Billy"....Simone is the one too!

Love the pictures, and your standouts!!! Good thinking! Isn't Styrene the best stuff ever! I love it. Are the other pictures the skinny crops? I can't wait to see! I love the photographs you chose. (They were some of my favorites!)

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Beautiful treasures, your daughter is so cute, her hair looks like mine, only I pay money to have mine do that.


Shelley Hansen said...

Mine just found his belly button! He keeps lifting his shirt and sticking his finger in it! She is really a doll. Sounds like she needed a nap!

~Ali~ said...

Love the Collage!!!! Looking great!!! So perfect for that wall!!! And I hear ya on the whole kids wanting nothing that you give them! Trey does that sometimes too, drives me up the wall!!! But dang....that little girlie is so dang cute!!!!! It's probably a good things! ;o)