Thursday, October 29, 2009


If you haven't NOTICED!
I have been ending my posts in Thankful's!
Little things I am thankful for that DAY---
{these are the little things i have been over seeing}
I think when you write them down each notice them the NEXT day even more. :)
What I am thankful for TODAY:
Jackson's fighter guy noises.
Diaper wipes. {I could kiss whoever invented those}
Tai pan
milk duds
Money to pay bills
No one has stolen my camera equipment!
Sad story!
a photographer in the davis county area got ALL her gear stolen out of her car.
and when I say all...i mean ALL!
laptop, camera, lenses...everything!
20k worth.
it has been on the news lately.
men follow photographers AFTER their shoot to see if they stop somewhere afterwards then they break into their car.
its usually those who do Temple SL!
HOW SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways---there are some photographers pitching in and doing fund raisers for her. :(
she said it felt like someone close to her had died.
to some people, photography is their baby.
its a passion!
how sad that someone tried to take that away!
in 5 seconds
all her hard work and money spent......gone!
what DIRT BAGS!!!!!!!!


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

thankfuls are always nice to ponder...what a nice way to end your blogs Annie.

And yes, I heard about the "dirt bags" stealing someones lively hood, what a horrible thing. Not just the equiptment, but there goes the wedding pictures.

Scum bags of the earth...not afraid to say it.

Jeri said...
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Jeri said...

I didn't think about the pictures on the camera! How horrible. She should have had insurance.

DO YOU HAVE AN EXTRA POLICY FOR YOUR GEAR? Ask your insurance agent what you can get. I highly recommend it. =)

No one can make fighter guy noises like a little boy! I should record it, because one day he won't do it anymore. =(

The Meyer Family said...

Hey Girl! LOVE the latest posts on the blog!! You and your family are wonderful~~LOVE you guys :)

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Annie - I love you to pieces - can I tell you that.

I always love the terms you use, "Dirt Bags". I'm laughing and falling off my chair.

And Brenda's term, "Scum Bags of the Earth"

Let's see, I need to come up with one, how about "Whale Shit". You know, it doesn't come much lower, on the bottom of the ocean.

hugs, cindy@stitches

Liseylew said...

I am thankful for fighter guys as well! I love that little Jacksy poo... I need to borrow him one day soon!!!!