Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Charlee,

Im glad I get to discover you while we enjoy our days together.
I promise to play with you more.
I love you so!
Love, Mommy!
I know I post ALOT of charlee... :)
{mom, i know you love it}
Its hard when she is MY clone during the day!
This post is making me realize how blessed I am!
I luv my children and husband.
even on my onery days where I wanna ship them all to CHINA!
I want to be a BETTER MOMMY!
Enjoy the small things, that I have been OVERPASSING!!!
I didn't think anyone really read my blog to be honest.
My mom, sisters...a few friends......
I realized today how much influance we may have on someone.
when no one is watching........
I had no idea.
Brings tears to my eyes...
I have said MANY TIMES BEFORE.....
life gives you &%$ piles......
I have had my fair share.
Life is hard.
but when you discover the important things.
THEN----thats when you find true happiness.
when you can love yourself........and love who you are.
then you can surround yourself with SUNSHINE!
don't get me wrong tho....
I still yell at my kids
drive like a maniac
& don't follow rules.
SO when I woke up today.....
it was a happy day.
I was so glad.
I have been so stressed lately.
Mike got up and started making breakfast for the kids.
I ran to walmart at 6:00am to get bannana's & OJ
Mike made banana pancakes, sausage & eggs!
I could tell the GIRLS were off to a good start!
Hey, thats good for 11 and 13 year old girls!
Usually, its this:
and i have even heard this....
as we are running out the door.
i love happy days!
For all you that know me.....
I love to decorate my house. Its a release for me.
calming release!
So, I went to my favorite shopping place...
I was so thrilled about this mirror platter thing....
perfect for my mini s&p's :)
My new{Homework table} was getting scratched!
So i found this TODAY!
its very vintage....and so thick and heavy!
This is NOT new..........
But Abbie wrote this in the Office chalk board....
I seriously can't believe my 13 year old daughter wrote
I wanna know WHO EATS TOGETHER every night as a family?????
like table on table.......
anyone anyone?
I use to do it ALOT!
not so much anymore.......
We did last night. I could see the light in the girls eyes.
they LOVED IT!
and then requested it again for tonight!
It broke my heart
So i have been thinking all day of a yummy meal to make
{who me?}
so they can feel the love!
Today im thankful for:
the DI
so swine or flu yet in our home
Qwest repair man
walmart 2 seconds away
Mr clean Febreeze
A jacket


Enlightenment said...

HOLY COW! that was a post! Your are so funny! And yes - we eat dinner together every night. The kids love it! Love ya Nannie!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Your crazy, but I am loving you so much. As I grew up we ate dinner together every night, believe me, that is not what makes a tight family. You adore your children, I can tell. I'm sure that they know it too.

Love your finds at DI. You are so cute, I want to bring you home with me.

Hugs and Hugs

Shellie said...

Nice finds at Di, and I love how you arrange things, its very artsy and I love artsy! Nobody reads your blog huh? so you thought! :) I don't sit down with my family for meals even though I have a big nice table to do so. I need to work on that,kids do like it, and Dr phil highly recommends it! SO many things to be thankful for in life isnt there? Big and small

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

You sound like the mother of teens...I don't know how I ever survived that part of life. I guess just trying to look for the good moments and a sense of humor is how to do it...and then our kids will get their turn! hee hee!

You sound normal Annie...hang in there!
Don't be putting guilt trips on do enough as a person, wife and mother, and it's just not worth it okay!

Simply Lavender said...

Yes....I agree with Brenda!
You are sounding pretty normal to me! As I was reading through, was thinking, yep.....yep...yee-UP!
I have felt and thought all those things!! many times!
We always tried to eat dinner together....when you girls got to be teens it was a little tougher. But we did manage to do it more than not(I think??...) Wish that was all there was to raising a family tho! But it is one piece to the puzzle! :)
You adore your kids...they know that. You and Mike are great parents! Hang in there sweetling!Keep plowing. And praying and learning! Don't beat yourself up.
One day at a time. THANKS again for the sunshine! :)

HUGS. the new blog header!!
can my grands be any cuter??
pps...all of us have many blessings, big and small, indeed.

Jeri said...

That was a long post! You sound like your doing so good! That makes me so happy. Love all your DI finds!

I made dinner tonight even though Lincoln was hunting. I thought "These kids aren't going to eat any of this!" THEY ATE IT ALL. =)

I found out that "some people I was not aware of" read my blog. Like religiously! I know them, but didn't know they read. It made me think a little more about what I post, and what I DON'T. Sometimes there are things that SHOULD be shared, that I have kept to myself. You know? It's a great opportunity to lift others up, or share your testimony, or just let everyone know that life isn't always perfect.

Margie said...

I am defintely a fan of your blog Annie! You are so honest and I appreciate your insight and little reminders to keep things in perspective! Thanks!

Stacy said...

Kids sometimes make you smile and sometimes make you cry. While I was sick the fam was having dinner she came up stairs to get me to eat with them. Which I could not do, all during dinner she kept saying, "Get mommy, eat dinner." It broke my heart. There was a pic in the friend one day of a lady laying dinner on the table with her kids and husband sitting nicely. I said one day that would be me. Well, I will let you know when that day comes. I have a feeling it might be when it is a table for 2! Your kids are great. It makes me smile.

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Mmmmmm I love the DI too!! I'd die w/ out a good thrift store outting! Cute blog! Thanks for share'n!

Jennie Moore said...

Annie, thanks so much for your posts. they are so encouraging to me. I feel more creative, loving, happy, and normal after reading your posts. Keep up the AMAZING work you are doing.

Sunshine said...

I love your REAL life post. You find so often that people are afraid to say how they really feel about the things that mean the most to them because they are afraid that it seems wrong or too harsh. When in reality everyone feels that same way at sometime. Sometimes more than others! Very Enlightning post, Truly