Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a little bee.......

Trunk or TREAT night!
funnest night!
I love my ward!
Autumn.....little nerd! :)
See, Charlee digging through her candy? lol Oh she was a sticky MESS!
Mike and I went to a halloween party over the weekend.......
The next two pictures are of my sister in LAW.
she was so cute and creepy!
And my brother in law.....
best costume EVER!!!
Yesterday my sisters and I went out for my mom's birthday
I love my mommy and sissies!
LAST WEEK my week was crazy......
I was not a happy camper. :)
ok---I was happy........................just stressed.
This week is turning out to be better.
not so busy
Mike is HOME this week.
We did some christmas shopping today
Jackson is ALMOST!
Girls.......they are wanting only ONE thing............ easy!
I got Jackson ready for his FIELDtrip this morning.
bundled him up!
Got him to school later {cuz the bus was coming at 9:00 today to get them}
then we went shopping......then was going to make sure i was back at 1:00 for his ride to drop him off at home.
WELL--------I have LOST MY MIND!
lost it!
Field trip day is Novemeber 10th. :)
we got home at 11:30
and there was his ride dropping him off.....{we were lucky}
and I said...OH....how was the field trip?
and the carpool mom looked at me like I was on drugs!
needless to say.........I need help!
Or a secretary!
Maybe thats why I found my eyelash curler in the fridge?
Life is good!
Just trying to find balance.
isn't that what I post MOST ABOUT?
I am wanting more one on one family time
so I have been trying to pay more attention to that
After the holidays...
I will be taking LESS clients....
I just have too....
And I want too....
TODAY i am thankful for:
new and old friends
Melba toast
a warm house
a talented, loving mother
Mike{tell him to stop farting}


Enlightenment said...

Nannie-Bannie! You make me laugh! You might be "un-balanced" but you sure make my day!
Love you much!!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

You kill me my cute friend. Loved the costumes. Love that eye makeup.


Jeri said...

You are the best. Come take ballet with me...you get some crazy painful balance there!

Christmas shopping??? What the heck. I am the biggest slacker. Whaa...My poor kids got the crappiest Mom!

Love the costume!

Love the toes. You guys make such a pretty bunch!

I lost my eyelash curler too...except I never FOUND it...it just magically reappeared. I want to blame Talia, but really I have lost my mind too- and it was probably sitting there the whole time. (like days!)