Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God be with you till we meet again!

Larry West
Passed away Friday Sept 25th
A better journey has begun for him!
It was a beautiful funeral yesterday.
I got the priviledge to sing "together forever"
By Michael Mclean
My brother in law played the piano.
I just can't believe the blessings we have all recieved from his passing.
I love my family...BOTH of them! More then anything!
In the end.............its ALL that matters!
{If you notice the picture above.......see the finger prints of the grandchildren?}
I just loved that picture!
WE HAVE THE BEST neighbors and friends........
what they have done for us this last week:
We got U OF U tickets from a neighbor....it was a nice change of pace for our family.
Got meals.
A sweet friend of mine spent the night with my children and got them ready for school the following morning.
Notes and letters on my door.
Prayers and thoughts sent our way.
Some of the weirdest things have happened this past week....its a sure sign.
God lives.....and he watches out for us and so does our angels.. :)
And now.........we have a new ANGEL!
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.....
OH! how I love you all......


Torri P said...

So sorry for your loss Annie. It is nice to know that he has begun a new journey, isn't it! You have an amazing testimony, and I can really see it in these post. My thoughts and prayers are with your family!

Heidi Hiller said...

Hugs from the Hillers!!

Megan said...

I have noticed you haven't been online and I wondered how you have been.....I called your cell this morning! I am glad you seem to be doing ok with it. I can't believe you could sing that amazing song! I would have bawled through the whole thing! So glad your ward is so wonderful! It is so nice having that support, isn't it!? Hugs to you and your family!

Jeri said...

I am sorry for your loss. The picture of the men carrying the casket is just heart wrenching. They are all so young.

I am glad to hear from you! Your hair is so long! =) I am glad your blessings cup is spilling over right now.

Enlightenment said...

That was the sweetest post Annie-Bannie! I love you ALL! What a great blessing to have the gospel and angels to help us along the way!!