Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pee pants

Im sitting here.
Charlee on my lap.
Her pee diaper still not changed from night time, which has turned into me having a big circle of PEE on my pants... :)
Im trying to hurry and blog SOMETHING before i wake up the kids to get ready for church.
Ive been in the MOOD to blog for 5 days now....
I have all my PICTURES ready to blog......cute house pictures, decorating pictures..and naughty charlee pictures..... :)
But this ONE simple picture will have to do........
maybe I will have sometime after church..
This is just a picture of the kids playing outside....chasing charlee. She thinks its funny to go to the curb and see if you will chase her.
you have to walk Sllllooooow or she will BOLT to the street screaming and laughing.
Not funny!. I told her.
I got a calling in our new ward......:)
I am the ward activites helper........which Im excited for, because its INSANE all that this ward does. its exciting!
Things have been so busy around here.......
I finally said ENOUGH!
I am simplifying.....
big time.
as I look ahead on my bulliton board {how in the world do you spell that?}
I see.......
lagoon tickets {still}
gift certificate to a couple massage {from june}
Jackson is still struggleing with school....
he can't GET to sleep at night.
infact listen to this:
Me: jackon is that you?
{coming down the stairs at 10:30}
Jackson: Yes, I can't sleep. Sleeping is boring.
I get Boooored!!!!
Nigh Nigh is sooooo Boring!
Then Morning comes.....he cries, wont get dressed and hates school.
he even tried to make him cough so hard he almost threw-up...LOL!
he wanted me to think he was sick....Oh boy!
Story of my life people!.
Jackson is a home body and wants to play fighter guys with BLOOD AND GUTS ALL DAY!
it does get easier............right?
we are Loving our home...:)
and I mean just LOVING IT!
We got some new furniture...waaaahoooo!
I will post pictures today.
A new chocolate brown sectional
and a new table and chairs.....
Our house is still very I dunno if i still need to buy MORE stuff?
or if thats just the way our house is....:)
Im excited to go to church today.
Somedays I feel lost. I hope im not the ONLY ONE!
I can't be!
Sometimes things happen that make me so confused as to why.
Its should make my faith most cases it does and has. But in some cases i get so MAD and don't understand.
When My children hurt. I hurt.
When I can't protect them. I hurt.
When I have to allow them to get hurt. I hurt
Im not a saint either. and am constantly working on Issues of my own.
brush it off my shoulder.
There are somethings that are out of my control. And I can't fix everything.
I do know this!.
but what do I have control over?
when do I say enough is enough?
and what things do I let go?
Im very stubborn.......this can be a GOOD thing....or a bad thing.
Im still trying
and trying.
and trying again.......and again.....
Thank you mikey! I dunno where you came from!


Stacy said...

You forgot to tell everyone that the chaise on the new couch is mine and maybe if they are extra nice I will let them sit there too.

Margie said...

Don't worry, you are not the only one who feels "lost" sometimes!

Simply Lavender said...

I don't have the answers but I do know one thing for sure.....
Dad and I will love you, Mike, Abbie, Autumn, Jackson, and Charlee forever!!!! :)


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I hear ya you and your family, thanks for sharing them with your blog, always love to see and hear whats going on in the
Thanks for being so honest and real, thats what I love about you.

Jeri said...

I can't wait for the pictures! I will come watch your kids...or mop your floor...which ever will help you have a second to post! =)

I hear you on the "I hate school" woes. Wyatt has already started. There is a mean boy in his class. =(

Keep on truckin' Annie!

Nicole said...

Annie-you are too fun! I am also sitting here with a pee-circle on my pants. Oh the joy of motherhood! Hang in there-you are definitely not alone!!

Jennie Moore said...

some one once said.."just keep swimming, swimming, swimming". I feel your pain!

Linda said...

Annie - you are the cutest thing ever. I love what you have done with your new house - it's so fun to look at. I have to tell you how much I love the saying on your wall. I PAINTED it on my wall years ago, long before vinyl lettering was even invented. How cool is that? Even if it is the only cool thing I've ever done in my whole life - I will rest in peace forever knowing I did something that ended up on the Walker family walls - cus you guys have got it going on! Haha!