Sunday, August 23, 2009

My beauties...............

I love when I have a moment to capture my own beauties.
SometimesI forget.....OH, I should be taking pictures of my OWN kids to hang on my wall!
My friend found this wonderful spot. to shoot at.
These will be displayed in my home!
I need more of we may need to go out again!
I also took along my sister and her 4 beauties......for school pictures.
I will be putting them on my photography blog...{when I have a moment}
THESE next 4-----are going to be 16x20's in a CLUMP together
On Standouts.
Ive seen them DONE...and IT WAS a must for me!
Standouts are kinda like a canvas/gallery wrap. But CHEAPER!
Im so excited........will be making the order in the morning......{with much pleading and begging on my part with the Shmoopie}
We tried to go camping this weekend.
it was a BOMB!
and when I say BOMB....I DID NOT WORK OUT!
I felt the need for bonding time with my children and husband.
no computers, Wii, Ds's, phones......
friday we PACKED up all day......Left about 6:00 in the evening and headed up Ogden Canyon for a GREAT time and yummy food.
well.........every campsite was FULL!
we drove around for hours.....
Finally with a screaming baby...onery KIDS.....
we drove home. :(
got home about 10:30
and we went to bed.
This was my fault. I told mike.....
Who needs a reservation...? Lets just drive up {Big smile on my face}
Ummmm, let this be a lessoned LEARNED!
I was so bonding weekend wasn't going to happen.
So I woke up Sat Morning before anyone else.....unpacked the trailer...put all the food away...
cleaned it ALL so no one would have to do it. But me!
I felt so bad.
We decided to let the girls have friends over for hamburgers, fresh corn, cobbler, and crab dip since we already had alot of FOOD!
They then went to the movies afterwards........ :)
Then hung out here after the movie and played Dance, Dance revolution on the Wii. lol
I decided to have a nice hot bubblebath when everything was settled late at night.....
got all settled in and relaxed when I heard SCREAMING.....
Jackson climbed on the counter to get a glass, jumped off. When he jumped off a drawer was open and his foot got caught in it and tripped falling all the way off the counter right on his FACE.
This morning:
His buckie and the tooth next to it are pushed back{A little wiggley}
gums swollen...
swollen nose and lips
And in DIEING FEAR that his tooth is going to fall out.......
I wonder what will be on our agenda!?


Stacy said...

Poor baby. Sounds like a Kenzie trick. At least he will be the first one in his class to loose a tooth. It is a big thing in kindergarden to loose a tooth you know.

Simply Lavender said...

OH GOOD HONK!!!!! I'm SOOO sorry about Jackson getting hurt!!!
Oh......I was just holding my breath as I continued to read what had happened after the word SCREAMING...what next????
ohhhh. poor little guy!! DANG it....I'm so sorry Jackson. I hope your teeth and mouth get better soon!!
LUV LUV LUV the new pics of the grands!! HOLY MOLY!!! What can I say.......beauties is right!!!
Our quiver is FULL of beautiful grands!!! They are as beautiful inside as they are outside too!!
SORRY about the sad camping thing........:( hopefully you can try again this time with reservations....:)


Matt S. said...

Bummer about the "campout-driveabout". At least you had some good food when you got home :-/

Kylee said...

How do you get your little ones to look at the camera!? I need to know. Almost every picture I have of Lillian is of the back of her head. She is such a skunk! So if you have any secrets, please share.

Jeri said...

Gorgeous pictures ANNIE! I was going to say "i love this one, and this one" but I really love them all! Gorgeous work, gorgeous children, gorgeous location. I bet you looked gorgeous taking them!

Sorry about the camping. What a bummer. How are Jackson's teeth doing?

Shelley Hansen said...

We had that happen once.. Except it was a camp out for our church.. We also learned never to do that again! Well at least you came home and made the best of it!