Saturday, August 8, 2009

A time to think......

and think some more........and to remember.......
how extreemly blessed I am!
This week has been a great one. One to remember.
I cried for the first 2 days we moved in.
I will tell you WHY!
we pulled up with our first load last Sat....
10 MEN showed up Minutes after we pull in.....
they unloaded our truckload, and trailer load and POD....within an hour
placed everything in its right place. I did not lift a finger.
then----they asked where everything else was? We told them in a storage unit up the street.
they all LEFT to gather trucks in the ward....were back in minutes and off they went to unload the Unit. they had it Unloaded and everything in our house in just a few small hours. This Storage unit was huge.....full to the RIM and it took Mike and I a whole week to load it.
We had almost every neighbor over that day to welcome us.
the next day was sunday.......and we DID MAKE IT to church...I can't believe I found clothes for everyone....{aren't you proud?}
Of course it was T. Meeting.....and My heart could not stay quiet.
I got up infront of a room of strangers, but seemed like friends already.
i couldn't contain my tears.....I was just so AMAZED at this ward and neighborhood.
We already been to barbeque's and the girls already have had sleepovers. And Abbie has already FOUND A BOY...she is in love with. :)
oh, whatever!
My throat is lumpy everytime I run to walmart and then pull into my driveway. Im just so happy and thankful.
My BIG tub has already gotten its use from me......bath time with candles....what I always dreamed for.
I have yet to decorate........{I know weird huh?} I have done ALOT for the most part....except hang things on the waiting for a
Im seeing a few painted walls......but not sure yet!
Today I will work on my Studio/craftroom, above the Garage.....I have waited for everything else to be in place untill i worked on this room. Because this is going to be my favorite ROOM!
as you can see from the LAST picture I posted a few weeks ago------the MOUNDS of morning glory are gone....holy shmoooooolies! The yard was Negleted. Infact come to find one has been in this house for 2 years.......and before that, they only lived in it for a couple months..{the people who built it}
It didn't even have PHONE service....we were the first ones.....CRAZY huh?
I think this house was waiting for us....
we already have a relationship.......we have bonded this past week......I have kissed and licked the walls one to many times!
You will laugh at this picture....LOL!
Cuz I have been laughing at it all morning..........
this is soooo JACKSON!!.......
who needs friends when you can intertain yourself?
And Miss charlee...........busy bee!
I can't find her as easily in this many places to hide.
But she sure loves to tell me NO!
Until next time..........................
I will post some of the inside later....and what Im working on.


Cindy said...

I must be the winner. I am the first comment on the first picture taken on you new house where you introduced Batman/Spiderman to us.

I can't remember what you make, but I'm sure it's delicious. I'll look over your posts again.

I'm so happy that you and your family found your home. I can't wait to see you decorate it.

Isn't the Gospel of Jesus Christ wonderful! When it truely feels peoples lives, majic happens.

Heidi said...

Annie... I'm so glad you are happy with your new little place to grow and love!!
It's a bonus to have a great neighborhood and ward too!
You deserve the best!!
I can't wait to see what you do with the place!

Adrianne said...

Annie - how are you? I found you blog off of FB and your house is darling. I am so excited for you. I always run into Abby and Autumn out in Howell. They are cute girls and good to talk to me as I tell them that their mom and I were friends when we were little. Anyway, congrats on the new house and your family is way cute. How fun! Like you said - you are sooo blessed.

Lara said...

Love it Annie!!! I am soooo happy for happy that you're sooo happy!!! I can't wait to see it!!!

Jeri said...

I have checked your blog a million times! I am so happy to see your new house. You deserve it! That studio crafty space is going to be to die for! I just know it. I am glad your new ward is going to be a fantastic one.

Tausha said...

is it not the best feeling to finally get in to the house, and look around and see that you are not only surrounded by things that you love, your family that you love, but now new friends that you love. The Lord is very aware of us and everything we think we need and some we don;t even realize that we did need. (does that make sense)
The house is beautiful and I must say that I am very impressed with finding everyones church clothes. Not to mention, the hair stuff, the makeup, toothbrushes for all and socks and shoes to round it all up. You probably even found everyones scripture bags didn't you!!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I'm crying with you then, that is so wonderful that your neighbors live what they believe in...and knowing you they will receive right back! I'm not wrong there!

They are probaby so happy to see a fun family take care of your adorable happy for your whole family.

So did Charli learn NO from your mom or your dad? just kidding!

Alisha said...

I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see the inside.

Torri P said...

Your new home is BEAUTIFUL!! I am glad you found one you love so quickly! Your kids are SO cute! Love the superheros look!!

Megan said...

I went on a bike ride with the kids and ran right into your house!!! It was the day you were moving in, I think, so I decided to come over when you get a bit settled and I am cleaned up and showered! Ha ha! I am happy for you and hope we see eachother a lot. Been a crazy summer....been sick.....guess why.....