Thursday, August 20, 2009

Will miss them................

But I will get over it! :)
Abbie-7th Grade. Loves her neon green and yellow Adidas Hightops and her Locker.... and dumb boys.
Autumn J- 6th Grade. Loves her hair and organizing her backpack 8 times.
Jackson-Kindergarten. Told me school is dumb like church and wants to play lego Batman on the Wii. "I don't have time for school mom"
I can't believe another year is flying by!
I kept kissing Jackson all morning......the uniform clothes did it for me.
What a stud!


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

what a treasured picture ANnie!
First day of school...I know you wont cry toooooo hard, and yes, you will get over!

When they come home they will have tons to talk about, and your little one, wont it be hilarious of his take on being at school.

~Ali~ said...

Oh how cute they are!!! And Jackson...that kid is just a crack up!!! I love those kids too much!!! Muah! and I hope that they had a GREAT first day! Jadynn's back to school night is tonight! *sigh*

Megan said...

I LOVE those uniforms. So darling. I love that Jackson thinks church and school are dumb. Seth says he hates church because all he does is sing and he already knows all the words and is tired of singing. Gotta love it.

Simply Lavender said...

I'm sorry.....but they can't go to school anymore!!!
Do we have the cutest grands on the planet or what????????
Too much adorable-ness to take in!
LUV the unies!!
I totally expected Jackson's thinking about school to be the same as church......:) one of kind he is!!!
THANKS for sharing Annie-girl!
LUV you guys forever!


Jeri said...

I love the photo! They look so cute! Happy first day of school!

Shelley Hansen said...

Back to school already! Wow time flies! We have another week before we start up here!

Cindy said...

I died laughing Annie, it sounds like our camping trips. Beautiful pictures and children.

About church, don't say anything, he'll change his mind. They look like amazing kids.

Jennie Moore said...

Great job as always Annie! Your kids are so stinking cute!