Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WHAT is Up!!

IM so sorry-----
not that you CARE......really! :)
But...........its been 11 days.
How did you survive without me?
Im sure you FOUND plenty to do!
Painted 3 walls.
Spray painted ALOT!
3 photoshoots
Got 3 kids ready for school. I am now broke!
Got my hair done. :)
The girls got home sunday evening. I had a new outfit on their beds with an invitation to a "Mother daughter shopping day with lunch"
We Bonded Monday! I Missed them!
Worked in my yard alot.....to FIND out we have FREAKIN SNAKES!
I thought i was going to get away from them with my old house. AH!
I guess the snakes and I should just become friends?
I got the priviledge to take some pictures of the Logan City Police.
6 16x20's are going to be framed nicely in the NEW police department Building......Ahhhhh!
I feel so weird...and happy...and weird.....and excited. But mostly weird!
here is some of the ones............
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
I learned that family is the BEST medicine.
Abbie got 7th grade shots.
Unpacked more and decorated more....PROMISE I WILL POST PICTURES...:)
Need to take the kids out to do school pictures....
Prepare for this weekend.... we have a surprise for the kids. :)
Schedule a dumb lagoon day.....we have free tickets....not a fan!
Tell my husband I will not spend anymore money!!
OHhhhhhh and blog more.....I have so much to post about!
{LIKE FOR INSTANCE......what do you do when someone calls your beautiful daughter a Tramp? and punches her in the face.........is it jealousy? How do I help teach my daughter to turn the other cheek but still stand up for herself?.}Photobucket


Jeri said...

Annie! Someone punched her in the face! I would be livid. Oh Abbie, I'm sorry. Jealous girls are dumb.

Hey. The Police pictures are great! The second one is kinda hotsy totsy! =) That's my favorite!

Keep being busy...but don't forget to do a giant post when you have time!

I checked your blog WAY too many time in the last 11 days! I did miss you.

Cindy said...

I don't even know you and I missed you. So you moved to Logan? I love Logan! I think your husband is a police officer, right?

Your daughter is sooooo beautiful. She just moved there.

Bad person, bad person! I've just gone through something like that only with an adult. I'll share it with you if you want to know. It effected me for two years. I turned it over to the Lord, but it still effected me some what.

Looking forward to seeing you pic's.


Stacy said...

I told Ainsley to punch them in the nose. I told her always go for the nose. It makes them bleed. Was that bad advice? Humm... Punch them back I say.

~Ali~ said...

That dumb girls is SOOOOOO jealous of Abbie...Abbie has everything that she wants...she is GORGEOUS, she goes to a fabulous school and has a great new home where she is making new great friends! Abbie doesn't need that junk, she is too cute for it! Muah to her!!! I'm slacking on blogging too...ugh...what do ya do?? Make sure Abbie knows I love her and I will beat down anyone who messes with her! haha

Shelley Hansen said...

I hated that age!
i just got mean, not good, bad time in my life!

Liz H said...

Annie: You teach her that not every daughter of God has an earthly mother who holds her, tells her she's beautiful and let's her light shine. Teach her that despair, discouragement and feeling of worthlessness brings out the worst in everyone. You tell her how you feel when people degrade you for your talents (remember your post on that one?) and what you do to remind yourself that you are all right.

Then you teach her that NO ONE has the right to lay a hand on her. Words hurt (sometimes more than the physical assault) but remembering that she is so valued by her loved ones, can over ride such degrading effects of lies. Physical assault takes away power of self, security, safety, comfort and strength. She can't tolerate it and as her mom, you protect her. You go to the parent of the child who did it, explain your side and let them have their say. Whatever their stance is - you make it perfectly clear that you will not tolerate any physical violence towards your daughter. Tell them options they can have their daughter do (ignore your daughter, avoid her or learn to like her).

Then as a family you make a plan for what you WILL do if such a thing happens again. If it happens at school, let the principle know (as well as what you've done to fix the situation) and what you expect or need from them to help protect her.

Then continue to love, cherish and build your daughter, her confidence and her values and it will turn out that most others won't listen to the other girls rants or believe them because your daughter won't reflect anything that is being said.

I miss your family. I drive by the house and wish there was an old wash basin in the flower bed and a ladder holding tins of whatever. You made sunshine live there!