Tuesday, September 8, 2009


all the the same day!
{ I need to stop swearing .....maybe tomorrow!} ;)
remember back in a few months ago...when i was DIEING TO FIND A COO COO CLOCK?
ahhhhhh.......my mom found one at a yard sale......25 cents! seriously!
spray painted it white....and WAAALAA!
tj max PILLOWS
hello?..........im so good!
{see the UG pillows that it came with??....ya, those will be recovered soon..}
whew!!.....I need a beverage!


~Ali~ said...

Ferrrrr cuteness!!!! Love everything!!!!

Jeri said...

and I need a hug! That made me love you even more! =)

I sent you and email with excuses. Maybe I'll stay up late (later) and burn the dang CD!

Love your home.
Love your style.
Love the "homey" messes.
Love the silly notes.
Love the clock! I want one now!
Love Jackson's tooth brush on the ground. I tell Wyatt "TOOTHbrushes don't go on vacation." (Meaning they can't leave the bathroom.) He leaves them everywhere....and looses them.

Ehlers Family said...

Annie your house is gorgeous!! Love all the pics.

Megan said...

LOVELY! Can you come over and do my house???? Seriously. I have several rooms that are neglected and I am just not getting it done....anywhoo! Love it all! :)

Jennie Moore said...


You are incredible. We need to talk about creating a "Creating/home deco/how to/vintage style" magazine. Seriously!!! This is incredible! You have TALENT!!! Thanks for sharing.

Simply Lavender said...

You KNOW I LOVE it all!!!
It's beginning to look a lot like Annie....every where you go.....
(can you hear me singing...) :)
I ESPECIALLY ADORE those four angels on your new header!!!
OH....and that little darlin' sitting on top of your FABULOUS kitchen island!!! I so need huggins from her!!! I'll even take those boogies!

THANKS again for sharing your sunshine!!!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

What a fun house especially love the co co clock, white and the white mirror. Gotta find a cool mirror.


Stacy said...

Um, I think you forgot to label something really important. I think you know what it is. I might come over and knock your beve out of your hand if you are you know where.... You know I love your house. I keep showing up all of a sudden just to sit.

Pieces of Us said...

I freaking love your house!! We need to come over and see it in person. I am jealous. I need decorating help!!! You are amazing!

Tausha said...

Love it! Your home matches your name!! I am LOVING the island!!
Can I say JEALOUS!!!!
I am having a giveaway-come and see!!

Jane said...

I am in love with your house. I love it all. You are so stinkin cute, and so are those kiddos. I just want to come and steal that little Charlee. And I might take the island with me while I am at it.

Please come to AZ and rescue me from my lack of decorating house.

Shellie said...

Your house looks great, I love your white coo-coo clock painted white, it's like a piece of art now on your wall. Cute blog, cute pictures, and cute family. I got your link from my mom's website at just a bed of roses. I have 4 kids so I know what its like to have all that chaos going on in the house!

Torri P said...

LOVE your house! I thought these were magazine pics! Your house could totally be in good housekeeping!!! You are amazing!

Jeri said...

I love this post! i had to come and look again. I want those school chairs! I sat on chairs just like that in elementary school. Makes me want to cry.

I just got home. Cd will be in the mail tomorrow! =)