Thursday, January 12, 2012


I love these little moments.....and I am going to miss them when they are gone!
I complain of the messes, but in reality I would be SAD if i didn't get to pick up after them everyday!
She made Cookie beds for her polly pocket and dog.
How creative!  :)

January 12th. 2012!
12 Things about Annie:
1. Im a scatter brain {I was told last}
2. I love things Pink and sparkly.
3. I own 9 pairs of rainboots.
4.I love a good cup of Joe.
5. I want to dye my hair red. I like Gingers! {Maybe its my name}
6. I have Journaled since I was 8.
7. My toe nails never go unpainted.
8. I could sit for hours and pick my split ends. :)
9. I Could easily take 11 Bubble baths a day!
10. Favorite Artists: Ingrid Michaelson, Glen Hansard, The Civil wars, Matthew Mayfield, Amos Lee, Matt Kearney, Carpenters, A Fine frenzy.
11. I like to sing loudly in the car with Abbie and Autumn and do the shimmy!
12. I do NOT keep a clean car. Cheeto's Anyone?  But I do Like my bed made!

Today is a NON busy day....
I like those!
Means I get to focus more on My own personal Shananigains!