Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jax's Day!

What an AMAZING DAY!!!!!!
as I tried to sit and plan Jax's Baptism day and program......
thoughts kept coming to me about "cousins"
And how my parents have taught the grandkids ever since they have been little with
Cousins Kamp
 Cousins Christmas Sleepovers
GFY's {grampa for youth}
and Grampa Minutes!
My parents have structured more then 15 years to create UNITY with the grandkids!
SO-------I knew I needed to have this day be about the cousins.
To cement and glue them together!
Tanner Shoemaker Baptized Jackson.
{Joshua who is tanners brother who is in Belgum serving a mission ALSO had his first baptism sat as well}  :)
Landon shoemaker gave the opening prayer
Trevor Green gave an extreemly emotional talk on Baptism to jax. He pulled up a chair to talk one on one about the covenants he will be making that day. MANY TEARS!
Mattie Watts gave a beautiful talk on the Holy ghost.
Zac Watts bore his testimony
Along with my dad, sister kim and sister Keri!
All the Girl Cousins sang "I feel My saviors love"
My dad Confirmed Jackson.
 Closing Prayer by Mike.  :)
I couldn't have asked for a BETTER DAY!!!!!!!!
This is simply what its all about!

Jackson fell asleep towards the end!
Here is his Favorite big boy cousin Trevor who is crying and holding him.
I am SO HAPPY i captured this.
Tissue please!
I am also so glad i can see trevors wrist band that says "JEDI"
cuz thats what they are.........Jedi's!