Monday, August 8, 2011

Zoo Life....

I took my four favorites to the Zoo.

What a fantastic day........

and muchly needed for them and I!

Abbie loved the Fighting monkeys.

Autumn loved the Elephants.

Jax loved the "toy store".

Charlee loved everything she saw! Many Oooh's and Awh's and squeels!




What a Zoo Life we have------

School is starting soon, and HOW I'M CRAVING MY DAILY SCHEDULE BACK!

I'm ready to send these kids away for the day so my house stays clean more then an hour and 20 minutes. :)



I'm ready and in NEED of some sort of routine.....

Even if its just tossing the kids in bed by 9:00

Bubble bath with SONIC!

and eating sliced cheese and popcorn in my bed while I watch the news.

Oh how I miss those days........





This is my zoo life!

I am beginning to adapt.

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Natalie said...

LOVE the picture of Charlee at the water fountain - so cute!