Thursday, August 18, 2011

Owie!! :(

No one can go into surgery without pink polkadotted toes!


I shouldn't be blogging.......I should be laying down.

But since My drugs have kicked in......i will! :) Naughty me!

Hope I don't ramble off with a bunch of mumble jumble nonsence!


The girls waiting with me in the waiting HAPPY they came!

Sorry, hope you don't get sick.....I know its horrible. :(

So glad these are out of my body....

One step of the process crossed off the list!

Just looks like I got shanked in prison is all.....HA!

5 total!

And Now I need a new pair of shoes!


Angie Orison said...

Annie, I had no idea what crazy things you've been up to these days! I hope you have a speedy recovery and that everything goes well! PLEASE let me know if I can ever do anything for you!

wyatt_aspen said...

Ok new shoes it is... But you have to pass down a pair to me first :)

Jennie's Travels said...

I can't believe it! I would be wallowing in my self pity by now, if I were you. I am so very sorry that happened to you. I hope it heals up nicely and whatever you next steps are, I wish you luck and for the doctors, clear minds open to inspiration. Hugs!!!

Pieces of Us said...

Owie is right! I'm sorry Annie!

Torri P said...

i think a new pair of shoes per owie! YIKES!

Honeybee said...

OUCHie!! Hope you recover soon- new shoes will help- I think you better get 5 pair :)

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Holy OWIE!!!!!! I'm glad they are gone for ya!!!!! Hope you heal FAST!!!! Yucky!!!! :(

Simply Lavender said...

EW!! EW!!! EW!!! EW!! EW!!!
Yes, 5 pair of shoes are in order!
( but since getting kids in school breaks the bank put that on your shopping list for AFTER you get the kids in school).


Jeri said...

Oh my goodness Annie! I thought it was just your leg! Then I kept scrolling.... :( I'm so sorry. Take care of you!

bigtallhorses said...

bntb (Heath helped me type this)soory about your owies! Hope you get feeling better soon. Those are some amazing scars. love you!