Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My favorite 4!

Can't wait to get the girls School pictures I took, printed!




Ive been on a roll.........many loads taking to the DI...

things cleaned out and organized and rearranged....

and even managed to pick up a few boxes that I can pack up things that are not in use.

I have a small vent.


My vent today is MEAN PEOPLE!!

Im not talking about those who have bad days and get grouchy from time to time.

Im talking about those who live their live putting down others....making fun, laugh, accuse, belittling and never thinking they are in the wrong and are blinded by the negitivity that surrounds them.

then they walk into church on sundays with a high head and soft voice.....



Intersteing that those who think....

"I go to church.....prepare lessons.....attend the temple....therefor that will save me from these actions I mentioned above"



Which brings me to my next picture!

"Keys to Happiness"

Ah ha! {light bulb} moment.


They are NOT happy.

How sad to be constantly unhappy!

To live in such heavy hearted circumstances to where you hurt others....possibly life long damaging to those you love.




I am NOT perfect.

At all!

Never will be!

I made my mountains of mistakes...

But I do know when its time to pull done.....throw in the white towel and protect the ones I care for. Even if it happens to be my Favorite #4!!

We ALL do wrong!

But there is ALWAYS room to do right..........its all about wanting it bad enough!




Surgery update:

All my holes are healing up fantastic!

They got them all out so that means I won't have to go back! {waahoo!}

And........they came back free from any odd cell nonsense!

And.........he gave me the go ahead to start running again...

{super glad.....its been months and I need to run off all my pistachio ice cream}


Torri P said...

LOVE this post! People aren't always what they seem, that is for sure! Repentance is AWESOME!! So happy for you that your bumps came all out, and that there is no oddness with them!!!

Natalie said...

Love your display of pictures - they look sooo cute!

wyatt_aspen said...

Girl you can be donating some shoes to this barefooted girl if that is what you plan on getting rid of :D oh and I take clothes too!!! LOL Glad to hear that you are doing well...

bigtallhorses said...

Yay Leaky! You are amazing in every way, I thought of you Sat. because I was listening to pump up the jam while running and lo and behold, I saw Amy and Dix and Dave! They are such kind folks, sure love your family! I'm excited for your running and a little jealous of your organizing :) love ya! Stinky