Sunday, July 12, 2009

honk for boobs!


So many things.
So many things to even talk about.
Have you ever seen a sign like this?
Mike and I were taking our 90th load to the stoarge unit and this is what we saw.
A little girl probually 12, holding this sign....
we looked at each other like "HUH?"
then we saw a garage sale off to the side....with other signs that said "hope"
then came to realize that it was breast cancer fundrasier.
Then Mike being the MAN that he is....starting honking like crazy all the way down the road.
men are dumb!
its really, real!
not a dream.
We are closing on our home on thursday.
Moving out tuesday and wed.
We have NOT found a house yet....we will be HOMELESS {thats so weird to say} come thursday.
We did put in an offer last week for a BEAUTIFUL home, on the golf course...
4100 square feet.........AH! thats so much room.....I don't even know what I would do! I get to buy MORE STUFF NOW!!!! {insert mike rolling his eyes here}
It is a short that means we have to WAIT, wait wait wait----for the bank to approve it!
do they NOT know me? I mean really.
wait? seriously.
So.........Im thankful for wonderful parents who are scooting over and letting us move in :)
Mike and I worked so HARD fingers show it.
I smashed a finger and it popped a blood HURT like hell. YUP, I said hell cuz it REALLY HURT!!!
The girls left for their dads again yesterday for 2 weeks.
They were sad....being that when they return it won't be to this their their ward.....
I will miss my friends in this ward.......oh my heck. And Im feeling guilty I didn't go to church today to say goodbye. Im just to exsausted.
So I will blog my saddness while I sluff church.............
I have met some of the most REAL and wonderful woman in my ward.
I have the sweetest neighbors.
I just have to keep telling myself. I will find sweetness WHEREever I go!!!!
Im so happy this will be our last I can find my PLACE in life......and bloom there.
This is such a great blessing.
So im not sure why Im teary....
maybe because it IS a blessing?
and I recognize gods hands.
OK----enough boobing!
Jackson says to Mike and I last night {at 11:00 mind you}
Im scared of spiders
Im scared of snakes
Im scared of Aliens
Im scared of zombies
and Walkakini's.....{WHAT ARE WALKAKINI'S?}
Then he walks outta the room..........
Mike and I just sat and stared at each other......


Stacy said...

Excuse me while I cry.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Your blog is titled: where I laugh, cry and share...thanks for sharing you life with us Annie.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for this new bigger home for'll use it up! Be patient.

Now I need to email your parents...they are going to need support!!! just i am not!
Our sons baby needed tending all night...she was so cute and then usually sleeps all night...then 2 hours later...big screaming and then more big screaming...I remembered oh yes they did say there is stuff for her tooth that is coming in! A

After this week of grandchildren sleepovers I realized "no one really sleeps do they?".

I'm no good at "no sleep" anymore.

Good luck and isnt it nice to have fond memories of people and places to leave behind?

Pieces of Us said...

Hahahahaha Oh that Jackson. He is a crack up.
K you seriously better get that house! Derek said it's like right by our house. That would be so fun!!!! Not only that, but then our plan for the Little's to get married can be put into

Ehlers Family said...

That is so funny.. Honk for Boobs.. My husband probably would of done the same thing. Im so excited you guys sold your home. I miss ours so much but maybe we will get a new one.. who knows. Let me know how everything goes.

Jeri said...

Lovely post!

AND SUCH A TEASE! YOU BRAT! I love the pictures. I just got home and am downloading the card. I can't wait to show you. I will never try to do a session with my family present again. =) Exhausting!

~Ali~ said... let me know if you want me to take your kiddies! Jadynn would love to have Jackson come play for a day or two. Good luck on the moving and good luck on the offer on the new house....that house....oh man.....that house.....what can I say....LOTS of SPACE!!! WOW! that would be awesome! just let me know! MUAH!