Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I WILL not shave her hair!

Peanut Butter!
Good for...............
Early breakfast.
Getting A&D Ointment out of HAIR!!
Don't ask!


Never leave a tub of this on the ground { uh-em.......Autumn} with an open lid!!!!


~Ali~ said...

Peanut butter worked?????? That is too funny!!! I had a feeling that shaving would be a LAST resort!! lol

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...


Kylee said...

oh I love this! Cole once rubbed a whole tub of Vaseline in his hair. I ended up using powdered dish soap to get it out. It took about 3 days before his hair stopped being greasy. Kids are so much fun!

Pieces of Us said...

Hahaha oh man. Poor girl. These kids are so cute! Can't wait for our wedding!

Simply Lavender said...

Oh ..I'm so sorry Annie-girl but thost pics of Charlee just made me laugh!!!!
What a darling little stinker!
Just too much adorable-ness!!

Good luck with the shampooing! :)