Tuesday, June 5, 2012

live and sleep........

WE are alive.....:)
and swimmin'
These two never change out of their swimming suits!
I had to go buy some more cuz I have a feeling they will be a HUGE staple in this house......as they already are!
Charlee slept in hers last night.........what a doll!
$1's for pop
Swimming suits
Flip flops
a load of towels once a day
Pool floaties
what else could you NEED?
Abbie has been MIA lately.......She has been so busy with:
Pool with friends
Walks to 7-11 for drinks
& boys and Music.
I have Been Occupied as well......
Some days I feel like I can't breath or have time to eat!
but I am HAPPY----and that's all that i care about mostly.
To be happy, and healthy and wake up and move forward to another day!
Bridals Today
Wedding this weekend...........PURE bliss for this GIRL....:)
Looking forward to another week at cousins Kamp next week.
This will be the 15th year  {mom am I right?}  My parents have done this with our family!
A cabin in Bear Lake suited for 5 sisters and our families....:)
Cousins are bonded there!
Spirits are lifted there!
Testimonies are strengthened and relationships glued together!
Still Swimmin and still kickin forward......

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