Monday, June 18, 2012

Fasha's day.......

What an amazing day to reconize someone special in my life.
Not that I need one day a year to realize....:)
THEEE most unconditional loving man alive!
Loves you for you.
See's your potential.
See's your color.
Builds you up and makes you feel like you can do and become anything!
Loves you when you fall, and loves you when you rise!
Helps you grow.
Helps you see things in a different light!
Still loved me when I said swear words to him when I was 16.
and ran away.
My dad gives really BIG EYES when you know your introuble.....  :)
He is a family man.
Loves when we are together.
 Is emotional.....and tender, and he loves his 5 daughters.
{how can he NOT be emotional when tampons and hairspray and mascara were staples in our house growing up}
He sits with us.
He walks with us.
He laughs with us.
He dances with us!
He teaches us.....
Perfectly imperfect is the PERFECT words to describe my dad........
Love him!

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Megan said...

:) Yay for dads! Yours is so cute!