Friday, March 23, 2012

OH the Ruckus......

Charlee and I had the best day together while other kids were in school.....:)
Slurpies & singing the ABC's.
She is such a JOY!!
A naughty naughty little JOY!
I dunno how much longer i can tolerate her telling people she is gunna kick them in the nuts.  :)
She doesn't even KNOW what that means!!!
I guess that's the Joy of having brothers.
I wouldn't KNOW....i didn't have any!

This is a fake smile.....don't let her fool ya!
Summer is gunna be an interesting one.
She had Jax on the look out for BUGS, worms, snails or anything that remotely looked like it could possibly move!
Poor Jax......she is so BOSSY!!!
"Thupied Thnell"
she says!

Randomly find Fruitsnacks in my shoes, under pillows and on random objects in my house..... Lovely....:)

Yesterday was such a pretty WARM day......we didn't wanna go inside.
We did lots of things including cleaning my gross CAR! I think I found a mountain of lego's in there!! 
Not to mention half a poptart, fish crackers and 30 pairs of shoes. Can anyone else relate?

This was A fun night........
I went to My sisters Work up here in Logan.
She is a 911 dispatcher....:)
So I sat and listened and watched her in action.
They do more then just save kittens ya know.........its pretty cool and funny some of the stuff that gets called in.
Later on I jumped in an officer's car and did a ride along.....for 4 hours!
The Ruckus we got
 I haven't gone 110 miles an hour so much in my LIFE......:)
We stopped for snacks.
and wrote tickets!
I give props to Police Officers......they sure don't get enough recognition!
I think this will become a regular for me.
As long as there is pink handcuffs and a pink gun involved I think I could handle it very well!
Things are going pretty smoothly up here...
There are always things I would like to change, but I only have so much control.
So.....I am keeping busy and trying to spend as much time possiable with my kids.
I have My first ENGAGMENT session of the year tonight.....I don't think I could be any happier about the couple I get to capture.
Simply beautiful!
Can't wait to post.......

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